Art Deco Apartment: An Inspiring Cocktail Of Design Objects


The art deco apartment of Alisa Bloom is the trendiest source of inspiration for designing an art decor interior that looks classic but feels casual.

airy white living room in art deco style

The art deco apartment of Alisa Bloom, jewelry and interior design, is the trendiest source of inspiration for designing an art decor interior that looks classic but feels normal.

Pearls, diamonds, and sapphire jewels give life to Alisa Bloom’s art deco apartment. The irregular geometries of the precious stones and their seductive reflection inspired the jewelry and interior designer to create a modern apartment full of color and shape. To Bloom, shape always follows color. The designer practices what she preaches when designing beautiful rings, necklaces, and pendants – but also creating striking art deco interiors, like this penthouse in a historic building in Chicago.

Completed in 1925, Alisa Bloom’s art deco apartment was designed by Fugard & Knapp. At the time, this building represented a masterpiece similar to Rosario Candela’s art deco buildings in New York – and it still does, especially after Bloom’s intervention.

The designer’s intervention is a masterclass on how to combine art deco furniture. Bloom respected the classic – and iconic – architecture of the building. Her home has strong art deco hallmarks that the designer blended with period furniture and object, resulting in a casual and comfortable home. To achieve a sophisticated art deco interior, the jewelry designer introduced several moments of warm, bright color – just like gemstones.

Pops of color refresh any living space. When decorating with art deco style, the streamlined silhouettes and opulent colors can be overwhelming. Aware of it, Bloom combines vintage art deco furniture with modern furniture and unique objects treasured at flea markets.

Many objects inside the walls of Alisa Bloom’s art deco apartment in Chicago are Paris’ findings. The designer often spends time in Europe pursuing inspiration and objects. For instance, in this art deco interior design project, Bloom installed a vintage fireplace found in Paris, where she spends the most time.

In each room of this art deco interior, the jewelry and interior designer pulled off a laid-back luxury. In the kitchen, Alisa Bloom went for a custom cabinet that celebrates all the glamour and extravagance of the 30s. The designer combines this art deco furniture with mid-century modern stools and contemporary lighting fixtures.

Alisa Bloom’s art deco apartment is just like the kitchen. An eclectic and thoughtful curation of furniture and objects that merge glamour and function. In other words, this inspiring art deco interior is a cocktail of rich design objects, and we can’t get enough of it.

Discover the 10 best art deco furniture pieces to design an art deco apartment like Alisa Bloom’s. This selection of modern art deco furniture is perfect for designing a home that is effortlessly chic and nods to art deco’s classic glamour.

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