A House In Madrid, From 1923, Full Of Luxury, Art And Design


A compilation of art and design, ‘La Casa’, a House In Madrid, is a real estate project in an emblematic building, stands out for its irreverence and contemporary sensibility.

A compilation of art and design, ‘La Casa’, a House In Madrid, is a real estate project in an emblematic building in the centre of Madrid, standing out for its irreverence and contemporary sensibility.

In the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca neighbourhood, this house is located in an emblematic 1923 building on Calle General Oraá, A perfect home that balances art, craft and design. 

This House In Madrid is one of the twelve exclusive houses in the luxury real estate sector. 

Patricia Fernández Castro of Indietro, responsible for the interior design of the house, has combined the craftwork of Studio Bañón and the art of Galeria Cayón, with pieces that are intended to be exhibited, giving a showroom concept to this house during the months of April and May.

In an interior like this one at this House In Madrid, pieces from Hommés Studio would fit perfectly. Give a high – end to this living – room by adding the Gyvaté Armchair.

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A symbiosis of disciplines that dialogues with the interior architecture proposed by Javier García Alba, who wanted to pay tribute to the solemnity and classicism of the original building.

With the main objective of creating in an old and classic building a house that would take us back to the 21st century, this House In Madrid is emphasising that the work is a remodelling and not a construction.

The interior of this House In Madrid has been designed so that natural light guides the distribution of the rooms. The elements and rooms for day life are placed on the main façade of the house and are oriented towards the middle of the day, while the night rooms are oriented to the courtyard. Featured in this house is the penthouse which is a viewpoint over Madrid.

The master bedroom at this house in Madrid has some large green jade panels, which gives it some colour.

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An atmosphere charged with classic touches, with noble fabrics such as velvets and silks, wood and lacquer finishes, creating a minimalist environment, but still luxurious and sophisticated with rich materials to fill modern interiors, a style very characteristic of Patricia Fernández Castro.

The colour palette is based on warm and metallic tones to give a sophisticated style, with light grey being one of the colours that stands out.

The Ach Collection pieces are fun, irreverent and impossible to pass by without having a look, adding some of the recent collection would be a great option.

Fabrics and textures from the new Dedar Milano collection add a luxurious and refined touch to the combination. 

In the living room black and white predominates, reinforcing the presence of artworks in the flat.

The furniture in the house is made to measure, designer Patricia Fernández Castro chose to use the upholstery specialists at Studio Bañón, who assigned the character to the flat, highlighting the bed and the headboard in the master bedroom, being a very special piece for the team and the designer.

The Scille Chair by Hommés Studio is the piece needed in this dining – room.

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In order to achieve harmony, usability and comfort, depending on the location and use, each piece of furniture has the necessary volume, filling and finishing.

With large-scale national and international pieces, it is possible to walk around the house and enjoy the works of art and their luxurious character. 

The art provided by Galeria Cayón is fundamental to achieve the combination between classic and contemporary.

The space thus becomes an extension of the gallery itself where we can see works by artists with whom they have been working for a long time, such as José Guerrero or Pablo Palazuelo, or works by emerging artists such as, Anoka Faruqee and David Driscoll.

This house is a place full of works of art, that combines contemporary and luxury.


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