5 Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Projects To Inspire You


Clean lines, neutral colors, and natural and industrial materials mark the identity of these inspiring mid-century modern interior design projects.

Mid-Century Modern style is an American design aesthetic that rose to popularity in the middle of the twentieth century, during the Post-World War II cultural, social, economic, and real estate boom. Clean lines, neutral colors, a blend of natural and industrial materials, graphic shapes, and some seductive pops of color are characteristics of mid-century modern style featured in architecture, design, and interiors.

With a refreshing approach to materials, shapes, and colors, these 5 mid-century modern interior design projects will inspire you to design a sophisticated and timeless home.

Mandy Moore’s Mid-Century Modern Home In Pasadena

The Hollywood actress and singer Mandy Moore is the owner of this classic 1950s home designed by Harold B. Zook, a notable modernist architect. This mid-century modern interior design project went under a thoughtful renovation.

Emily Farnham was the architect hired to bring back the original bones of the 1950s modernist house. With Harold B. Zook’s drawings in hand, the architect also restores and updates the blond brick walls, floors, and fireplace surround, as well as the brawny copper fireplace hood that separates the living and dining rooms. Sarah Sherman Samuel made sure to create a harmonious merge of contemporary and modern furniture in this mid-century modern interior design project.

Irakli Zaria’s Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Project With Japanese Influence

Designer Irakli Zaria is known for always incorporating Japanese and Chinese art and antiques into his projects. In this mid-century modern interior design project, a duplex apartment in London overlooking Hyde Park.

This project is a nice, relaxed place that, on demand from the owners, doesn’t look too ‘London-ish’. Irakli Zaria incorporated a little color in every room of this mid-century modern home with a Japanese flair to contrast London’s characteristic gray weather. The rooms are furnished and decorated with furniture from the 1950s to the 1970s and adorned with antiques.

Mid-Century Modern Apartment In Manhattan

This mid-century modern apartment in Manhattan features vintage and contemporary furniture. At first glance, this mid-century modern interior design project looks like an authentic 1970s home – curvy lines, wood, and warm neutrals. However, soon we realize the contemporary flair of the furnishings and finishes.

This residential project, designed by Timothy Godbold, reveals a big comprehension of textures, patterns, and visual perception. Wood paneling, mixed materials, different fabrics, and pops of color are some of Timothy Godbold’s means to pull off a beautiful mid-century modern interior design project.

Earthy Tones Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Project

Tom Mark Henry created a colorful, textural, and practical scheme for this mid-century modern interior design project. The Studio designed a mid-century home in earth tones, attractive to the location’s architectural period and surrounding bushland. Wahroonga House is the Studio’s contemporary interpretation of mid-century modern design. The house is ‘quintessential Australian mid-century modern’. The former keeper had done little to change the property since it was purchased in 1959. 

The clients wanted to honor the classic ’50s architecture but add an eclectic, creative twist. The existing interiors evoked a strong connection to the residential architecture of Palm Springs. Nevertheless, the Studio decided to introduce earthy tones with pops of color and eccentric design features reminiscent of these interiors.

Mid-Century Modern Hotel

After several months of preparations, PURO Hotels re-opened one of its first properties. The hotel is right next to the historic Old Town, in the heart of Cracow in Poland. Recently, its interiors have undergone a complete metamorphosis. It is undoubtedly an embodiment of a new version of a mid-century modern interior design. PURO company invited the young Polish design studio Paradowski to cooperate in their creation.

The designers kept the project in a mid-century modern interior design style. The result is a stylish, modern, yet embedded in the local past – space. The vision of the young generation of designers gives it a track.

These five mid-century modern interior design projects show different views of implementing the Mid-Century Modern style in home design. Each project reveals a sophisticated approach to space, materials, and colors. Airy rooms, a rich blend of natural and industrial materials, and a combination of vintage and contemporary furniture turn any home into a high-end living space.

Discover handmade, customizable, and timeless mid-century modern furniture to complement your mid-century modern interior design project.

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