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Your are reading: Shalini Misra opened the doors of her elegant home
Shalini Misra opened the doors of her elegant home - Hommes Studio

Shalini Misra opened the doors of her elegant home

Interior designer Shalini Misra opened the doors of her elegant home, in London, and gave a tour. The designer, along with skilled artisans, manipulated Victorian architecture to bring a sense of intimacy to her spacious rooms.

Architect and interior designer Shalini Misra has been internationally recognized for her global portfolio of glamorous projects for over 20 years.

He grew up in a colonial-style house near Calcutta, surrounded by tropical vegetation and filled with stylish furniture from the mid-century. Then, the neoclassical architect Sir John Soane is one of her inspirations, appreciates the way he played with volumes and light.

Elegant home

Shalini’s home in North London, however, the subject to which she returns most often is her deep admiration for British craftsmanship and how she values the opportunity to meet, connect and collaborate with other creatives. And her elegant home is an expression of that.

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Let us begin, first, with the architecture of the house. The house is an elegant double-fronted Victorian villa. At the rear, the house is now almost completely glazed on the lower and upper floors, offering views of the garden from the main living areas.

A metal spiral staircase connects the terrace and the upper-ground-floor deck. The dining table and chairs are from Chic Teak.

At the top of the house, most of the space is occupied by a large, open-plan room with a wall of windows overlooking the garden. Shalini did not simply remove the walls. Instead, she explains, it was a case of addition by subtraction – contradicting the belief that the only way to gain a sense of space is to build an extension.

Elegant home

An opening in the floor divides this space into two areas, one elevated by nearly a metre. A custom version of Lindsey Adelman’s ‘Cherry Bomb Fringe’ light hangs in the central void. The chinoiserie cabinets were inspired by old kimonos and made by Rupert Bevan. The sculpture on the left is by Dan Brown.

Throughout the house, there are tricks, ceilings adjusted to create particular environments, and volumes manipulated with screens that slide to hide or reveal. In this division it is no exception, the designer sacrificed almost a meter in height from the ceiling, raising the floor level. This makes the area look more intimate and allows for a much higher ceiling in the dining area just below.

In the Living Area, the vintage Giò Ponti ceiling light is from Nilufar Gallery. Bespoke cabinets by Rupert Bevan conceal air conditioning units on either side of the chimney breast. Above hangs a painting by Ged Quinn and a wall sculpture by Anish Kapoor.

In the Dining Area, the bespoke marquetry cabinet doors were made by Minimo. A vintage pendant from Nilufar Gallery illuminates a dining table from Martino Gamper and vintage Carlo di Carli chairs.

Throughout his career, Shalini has been fortunate to have met several talented traders from the beginning. In her own home, the designer decided to work with British artisans whenever possible.

Shalini pays attention to the smallest detail, the leather handrail was sewn by hand.

In the most intimate space of her house, in the master bedroom, the designer has curtains on Lelièvre’s ‘Typo M1’ showing a mural by Lijana Jakovlevna Siuchina. At the foot of the bed, a Promemoria bench is associated with a ‘Wiener Box’ coffee table by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna. The vintage armchairs were designed by Ico Parisi.

For Shalini the bedroom is always a sanctuary.

Elegant home

Regarding her bathroom, Roshni designed it, in pink marble, in a very specific way to his taste.
Neat Cut made the Victorian style dressing table in Sapele wood veneer and Carrara marble. The ‘Maurice’ taps are from the Water Monopoly.

Most things in their house have a “wow” factor. For Shalini, well-being is creating a certain environment, which can be created through lighting or color.
In her home in North London, the designer managed to create her elegant and vintage haven, as she intended.

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