12 Tips to Create Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More


Mix and match with painting and wallpaper, allow yourself to create and be inspired for your next wall renovation and turn your interiors more exciting.

Wall murals normally are used as a tool to amplify the room on single walls although can be also used to envelop a room. There are multiple options to suit every taste, from small to large motifs, bold and graphic elements to minimalist and soft. There are options to suit everyone and any home.

Although, wall murals are a vast world that can go from painting ideas, created by artists and designers, or using special wallpaper panels, put together to create a visually appealing mural effect.

Before passing on the real tips and ideas is important to have in mind your objectives and choose carefully after all will be in your home. Perhaps if you don’t want to be too daring choose shooting colors that you know can live with a while, or keep the mural design for only one wall that will be the focus of the room.

Whatever your approach, risk appetite, and taste there will always have a design that suits you and here we will present you 10 different ideas for wall murals to consider if you want to make a nice statement in your home.

12 Wall Mural Ideas to Fit In Your Interior Design

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to James Merrell

Murals can create a special place and act as the focal point that celebrates and reflects the owner of the house’s personality. There are many ways to enhance the space. For example, by choosing a mural with a layered design and assorted patterns is a great way to add color, depth, and texture to the room. To make a prominent statement, one can have a large-scale design on walls.

These murals’ patterns can go from blousy florals to a landscape, an architectural wonder, or even abstract patterns. These can be incorporated into the painting, wallpaper, or tiles, or even with experimentation with materials like wood, concrete, brick, artboard, canvas, and clay. When allied with the space can create a huge visual and emotional appealing effect on every room.

1. Set Your Creativity Free With Paint

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to Benjamin Moore

With only the right inspiration and some basic painting skills, anyone can do their own mural. In this case, quality acrylic mural paints are the ideal choice. Choose paint with a matte or eggshell finish so that light doesn’t reflect off the mural. If you aren’t a pro in the topic, stenciling is a great mural technique because it can be simply done by buying a readymade design and transferring it to the wall, and painting over it.

Colors are a good way to bring in captivating visuals in a space. In this image, for instance, the three-tone wall shows an amazing color layering effect, with completing shades taking over the wall. The rest of the interior is muted and the result is simply incredible, bold, and dramatic.

With it, we can also exploit different paint finishes in the same hue with color drenching and monochromatic schemes, add a certain interest whilst remaining restful and uncluttered. In fact, wall murals, textures, and color blocking in harmonious tones help in terms of adding some character, color, and a sense of cohesion in open spaces.

2. Add Some Texture and Depth With Wall Murals

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to Baldiwala Edge/ Talib Chitalwala

Using wall murals is a way of adding some extra texture and depth but also a way to give the space a unique look. A wide variety of paints and even wallpaper ideas can do the deed. Some can help to create eye-catching Trompe-l’œil that makes even the smaller places bigger using per base shadows, proportion, and scale to create a mural that seems to be real.

Textured paints and wallpapers bring some weight to the design and avoid the blank nondescript room, even in a minimalist style. It can give a certain degree of sophistication and capture the guest’s attention if you know how to choose the textures that complement each other and other elements to unify the room.

Commission a Bespoke Painted Walls Mural

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to Future

Wall murals add color and life to a place and can be a fun alternative to larger pieces of art. This can be a great opportunity for grand-scale art and make the room look like no other. Even if you’re not a pro at painting a mural and have never picked up a paintbrush before, you can start on a smaller scale and work to eventually get to a bigger one, an indoor wall.

Painted murals are different from curated art, based on the owner’s personality and background, and even if you like a more realistic landscape you can still choose to hand-paint directly on the walls instead of using wallpaper.

In this example displayed here, we can see a heritage-inspired design plays well against the decorative framing and finishes and has the feeling that can be adapted to take advantage of the original home’s features.

4. Create an Illusion With A Mural Wallpaper

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to Future

Big murals are, obviously, eye-catching especially if you choose to add some depth of color and intricate detailing like, for instance, this dining room wall idea, that almost makes you feel like you are inside the mural. However, choosing a print that is so overwhelming can make the rest of the design an harder task to match everything as one.

The trick is to let the mural’s color dictate the other colors used in the rest of the room. Pick one color on the mural design and sprinkle it across the scheme, on furniture, and other elements. Then, choose one main neutral one to keep the environment balanced. In this space, the black dining room table and chair serve as the foreground for the huge wall of art. The small tabletop element is scarry through the green tones, connecting the overall decor with the mural bringing the outdoor-indoor and creating a focus on the room.

5. Incorporate the Mural Design on the Ceiling

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to Rei Moon

Murals are not restricted to the walls, in fact, we can bring them to the ceiling, covering panels and skirting, creating an impact on the entire space. Taking the murals and continuing to the ceiling is a great way to play with perspective. It can make a space feel larger by doing this we eliminate the visual barriers between wall and ceiling and extend visually the dimensions of the room.

It also makes an outstanding feature for those more compact areas like the small bathrooms, for example. It helps in creating a bold design in a smaller space means it won’t overwhelm your entire home, but can also be an interesting surprise, especially when used somewhere like a guest bathroom.

If this idea seems appealing to you there are some points you should keep in mind. Painting the ceiling can be tricky but if you prepare yourself is doable. Be sure to move all the furniture out of the space protecting it from the paint drips. Although, if not possible, make sure you cover it with dust sheets. Also, layout a floor protector to avoid getting paint on the floorboard and carpet. Is important to start it from the top down too.

Consider Peel and Stick Wall Murals

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to Marie Flanigan Interiors

If you don’t want anything permanent and want to change it from time to time there might be an excellent option: No nails, no paint, no wallpaper, no commitment, and easily changeable. This idea is perfect, for instance, in the kids’ room.

Bespoke wall decals can be cut to size and shape and applied by anyone. It isn’t permanent so allow to remove it anytime, without damaging the walls, and give the same incredible effect as wall murals.

While designing children’s bedrooms, is also important to keep in mind the colors you’re planning to use. Here, the suggestion is green paint, for example, due to the power to improve a child’s reading speed and comprehension, while also helping them relax. In fact, when chosen in a suitable shade, green can add comfort to the space and match the outdoor to indoor with plants to achieve a connected interior scheme.

7. Design a Mural Wall With Mosaic Tiles

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to West One Bathrooms

Besides wallpaper and paints, tiles are also a nice way to create a bold and exciting look for a bathroom or kitchen. Of course, this is a more permanent option than, for instance, paintings so before doing it consider your options and be sure of what you want to do. If you want to create a bright interior, choose primary shades or high contrast color tiles. If you decide to go for a more neutral design then the decor can be chosen around natural shades such as beige, white, brown, or grey.

Mosaics aren’t the only type of mural that work for bathroom walls. However, you can find mural designs that create a waterproof barrier for walls which can be used in shower enclosures.

8. Design a Three-Dimensional Wall Mural with Mix Materials

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to Studio Pepe

Normally when we think about murals we think about a whole wall but here we present an option in which it can be small repeats of a pattern as wall decor. In decorating this apartment, a simple graphic wall mural has been embellished by hanging a Studio Pepe rug from CC-Tapis on the wall.

This wall hanging echoes the design of the mural, it is colorful and exciting and, for sure, can easily stand in as a part of the painting. This can be the perfect marriage between materiality, color, and structure. The rug melds into the wall paint, and as its color flows to the rest of the wall, a unique design appears.

9. Try A Graphic Mural Art

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to Future

We can find graphic elements in multiple places such as cushion covers, bedspreads, artworks to even wall murals. These computer-generated illustrations, in large prints and proportions, add a touch of fun, modern and young vibe to the place perfect if you’re looking for a more maximalist type of decor. It’s easy to customize the design and make it fit in not only regarding the room’s dimensions but also personality.

In this image, can be spotted an entire wall used as a canvas for art-making the bar is an even more exciting place to stay in. This Pop-art-inspired mural also gives an illusion of extended space and adds a touch of color even in the simpler and whiter room.

10. Think Geometrical

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to Simon Bevan

This idea involves some geometric patterns in multiple colors, proportions, and designs which can add a touch of drama to the design especially when the colors added are bold mixed with abstract forms helping charge even the most traditional rooms with curious contradiction. These patterns can create a big impact in a room, and give the space modern and edgy vibes.

To elevate even more this idea follow the interior design and look for organic shapes and choose a design that embraces rounded, curved elements as well as angular ones, as in this colorful mural design.

11. Create an Abstract Mural Wall

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to Mangesh Lungare

A mural doesn’t necessarily mean it will occupy the whole wall. Instead, it can work in a simple, pared-down interior, adding a decorative touch to the room. Take this bedroom as an example. It is a minimalist bedroom although this abstract wall mural brings up a special character and personality to the blank neutral space without being too much.

The beauty of abstract art is that it doesn’t know any boundaries, and can effortlessly bring a creative look to any space. Abstract shapes are open to people’s imagination, making them the perfect choice, for example, for little children’s bedrooms. Can be created the stencils and make the mural painting, a possible shared activity with children if wanted.

12. Use Spray Painting on Your Mural Art

Impressive Walls With Wallpaper and More
Photography credits to IQ Glass

Spray-painted walls can bring up edgy and even punky energy to the space. Ideally, the right moment to do it is during the early phases of building or remodeling when you can spray with no worried because if you don’t like you just have to whitewash and start over again. This could be a great living room idea or even for a place that connects inside and outdoor, especially on internal brick walls.

Doing this with the paint sprayers have its advantages. For example, can easily get to crown moldings, popcorn ceilings, cornices, and masonry. It can be easily controlled and reach small and narrow areas faster than using brushes and rollers. If you plan on renting a sprayer, choose an airless one for one-time use.

Although, it’s important to be aware that the sprays consume paint very fast which can make the project expensive. Ideally, choose if you want to go for a statement wall only or the entire room (plus ceiling or not), traditional paint might be a more budget-friendly choice in some cases so is important to know exactly what we want to achieve.

How Can You Paint a Wall Mural?

If you are an artist, art is in your soul, love DIY projects, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty then you can try it by yourself. You can try painting blocks of color to create a design, use stencils or even try a freehand design. There is no better way to add a personal touch than do it ourselves.

If you decide to do it by yourself. Apply the base color paint from the previous night so it can dry in time to start the big job. For simple nature-inspired designs like trees and clouds- perfect for children’s bedrooms- there are a good variety of options you can draw freehand or with a stencil.

banner trends

To do a great job with the wall murals is important to know what we want to achieve, the right shade, and the right tools. Arrange a step ladder, a roller, a 2-inch brush, dust sheets, and a roller tray. Wipe down the walls and use masking tape to protect corners or skirting that you don’t want to get paint on. Choose a watered-down emulsion if you’re painting on fresh plaster or going from a light to darker color – two coats should do the job.

Create a grid using horizontal and vertical lines. divide the artworks into columns and rows which gives you 100 unique boxes. Copy it on the whole wall and once all of the boxes are filled, you have your mural finished and turned into reality. Is also important to remember that depending on the material you are using and painting on you might use and adapt what you need to finish the job.

For instance, if you’re painting a wood-clad wall, you’ll need a different paint. If you need, ask a local retailer for suggestions and he will help you doing the proper choice. Let it dry for two days and watch how the color of the wall changes as the lights change in the room. If you want a darker tone, apply another coat of paint.

What do you think about it? What would be the best option for you?


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Source: Livingetc

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