Top Interior Designers in Russia II


We’re back with a selection of Top Interior Designers in Russia. As we know, Russia and especially Moscow is one of the interior design capitals all around the world.

So, if you are an interior design lover or work in this field, you should get to know these interior designers from Russia.

Timofey Veresnovsky 

Timofey, an interior designer, is the founder and chief ideologist of VERESNOVSKY STUDIO in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The studio is known for the combination of modern and vintage and also for the study of new materials.


curved sofa for luxury living room

Gulia Galeeva

Gulia is a decorator and interior designer who graduated in Stroganov Moscow State Art and Industry Academy. Over the years, Gulia and her team have been working in design projects for well-known businessmen and public persons.


Gulia Galeeva Interiors use to decorate mansions, apartments, private jets and yachts interiors in Moscow, south of France, New York and Miami, among others.

Marina Gaskova

Marina is a philosopher, she also worked for a long time with fashion, but in the present, she works in the interior design field. Gaskova and her team design small apartments and also outstanding mansions.


Aleksey Ginzburg

Aleksey, together with Vitaly Ginzburg, founded Ginzburg Architects in Moscow, and he is the leader since 1997.

Ginzburg Architects, over the years, passed from 4 to 40 employees, including architects, restorers, designers, chief engineers and project managers.

Irina Glik

Irina Glik is an art director, designer, decorator and Geometry design buro’s founder.

The company works on the interior design of restaurants, cafes, country estates, city apartments, boutiques and offices. Its team have designed prestigious restaurants in Moscow and also in foreign countries


Aleksander Glickman

Alexander Glickman is a Russian architect who worked for five years in some architect firms abroad. Later, he founded his architect studio in Moscow with brilliant professionals that can work on any creative project.

The studio design private apartments, country villas, banks, restaurants, clubs: in Russia, the USA, England, Italy, France and the Baltic countries.

Yuliya Golavskaya

Yuliya is a designer and decorator since she moved to Moscow, back in 1998. She graduated in a design school, “Details”, in 2004.

Golavskaya’s work is inspired by names like: Borisov-Musatov, scenographic by Simon Virsaladze, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin.


Elena Gorenshtein

Elena Gorenshtein Workshop is an interior design studio in Moscow. Almost all of Elena work has a modern design, and the color palette chosen is most of the time dark tones.


Katya Gulyuk

Gulyuk started to design her friend’s houses informally. She doesn´t like to be called a decorator, because her education was on art history, which makes her an expert on Quattrocento.
So, Katya works on interiors as a combination with her interests in history and art.


Boris Denisyuk

Boris is an interior architect and founder of Buro 5. He thinks that to achieve success the project needs to have unusual spatial solutions in its interior. Buro 5, in a Moscow apartment, did a rounded corner in the corridor to the bathroom, so the owner would not hit his shoulder on it.

If you are an interior design lover or work in this field, you should get to know these interior designers from Russia.


We hope you liked our article and the interior’s suggestions. Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite Pinterest board or to print it and use it on your projects’ mood boards. Meanwhile, you can also visit our Pinterest boards to get more inspirations.

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