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Your are reading: Shop The Look: Diningscape, Dali’s Paiting Inspiration
Shop The Look: Diningscape, Dali’s Paiting Inspiration - Hommes Studio

Shop The Look: Diningscape, Dali’s Paiting Inspiration

Diningscape is an outstanding scenario that was inspired by the famous painting of Dali. “The Persistence of Memory”. This painting can and will play with your senses and your imagination.


Dali’s Inspiration

If you’re looking for some inspiration, hand in hand with bold and fearless inspiration, here you have the solution. “The Persistence of Memory” by Dali, side by side with Hommés Studio interior design pieces.

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In the first place, we’re talking about a surrealist dining room that is a place for self-expression. It also has a daring attitude to collect the most extraordinary memories.

With unrealistic and surreal elements blended with objects known to the human eye, this space will transport your dining experience to a journey of an infinite dreamscape.

Shop The Look: Hommés & ACH Interior Design Pieces

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Billie Dining Table

In the first place, the main star of this Diningscape. Billie Dining Table, with marvelous and sculptural shapes. This luxury table will make all difference within your dining room design.

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Cadiz Stool

In addition to Billie Dining Table, we’ve Cadiz Stool. He is a Memphis style stool that combines comfort and elegance. The perfect seating for the perfect dining room.

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Nilo Mirror

Equally important, Nilo Mirror, a very important detail that will fit well in every dining room style. He is a modern mirror, with a simple and vintage touch.

Namibia Console Table

If we’re talking about class and elegance, Namibia Console had to show up! This one is a conceptual furniture piece, with a gold finish and a luxurious touch.

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Morocco Pouf

Together with all of these amazing interior design pieces, we can find Morocco Pouf. A comfortable and unique piece that can and will complete your dining room design.

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Cubic Stool

Of course, we also need to mention, Cubic Stool. A unique interior design piece with a unique design.

ACH Collection

Venus Black

Coupled with Hommés Studio, we also have some ACH Collection important pieces to show you. Venus Black is one of them.

Occur Decorative Stone

To conclude this inspirational article base on a Dali’s Painting, we have the amazing Occur Decorative Stone. It is made of hand-carved wood, elevating the craftsmanship and its skillful artisans at the highest level.

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