Discover a sexy version of this Modern Miami House 


When thinking of a Modern Miami House, probably the first thought that comes to your mind is coastal home decor with breezy fabrics, summer prints, and a beachy atmosphere, right?

This house in South Florida, however, was designed to offer just the opposite: everywhere you look there is glamour and a touch of sensuality and fun.

Modern Miami House living area

With a wide selection of different interiors on her portfolio, the challenge for designer Jessie Schuster, who created the interiors for all the owner’s properties, was to conceive a happy place where her client could host family reunions and at the same time receive friends with lots of fun.

For each project she is involved in, Schuster seeks to capture the owner’s personality to create a thoughtful approach to the client’s needs and core style. For this modern home in Miami, the owner — a businessman man with a masculine and sophisticated sense of design — , everything eschews the typically white common used in this style of decorating.  This is a super modern residence that definitely has a darker, sexier vibe to its finishes. 

The Modern Style

Modern design is a style of interior and furniture design that began in the early 1920s. Characterized by monochromatic and neutral colors, sleek lines, and natural materials, modern design style and modern furniture design are based on German and Scandinavian architecture.

Often confused with contemporary, the modern style highlights practical functionality and simple forms. Rejecting Maximalism and preceding the postmodern era — known as Mid-Century Modern — furniture design evokes a time when building materials were king and interiors were stripped from ornaments. Modern interiors and modern furniture are about comfort and function in an elementary form.

Typical Characteristics of a Modern Space

If the idea is to incorporate a modern look in your project’s interior design decor, there are a few things you should know:

  • Clean lines
  • Natural materials such as unpainted wood, metals, leather, and natural fibers
  • Celebration of natural light and unadorned windows
  • Reflective surfaces such as steel, chrome, or glass

The Sexy Version of a Modern Miami House

For this Modern Miami House, Schuster developed environments that are “modern, eclectic, and warm” at the same time. With an existing palette rich in colors and saturated, the proposal was to contrast it with plaster on the walls and ceilings in a Venetian style. The result of the plaster and the choice and brighter finishes left the environment more refined. It elevated throughout, uniting all the hard materials and ultimately creating a cooler and more natural space.

In the indoor family area of the Modern Miami House — facing a deck with a stunning view — the space is composed of a modular sofa, an armchair, a petrified wood side table, the cocktail table, the curtain, and a carpet, that complements the living area in an elegant and unique way.

Modern Miami House living room

In the living room of this modern Miami house, besides the furniture with clean hues and lines, the highlight is the Silver Egeo marble bar for the bar area. The set of stools complements the decoration of the space with the sectional sofa and a set of coffee tables. Is also possible to identify the combination made by the interior designer in choosing eclectic accompaniments: metal-covered coffee tables in the living room; and, near a wide window wall opening onto the main floor’s waterfront terrace, a cast bronze light fixture.

Modern Miami House living room 2

Unlike what is commonly found in modern decor environments, Modern Miami House’s kitchen also follows a warm-tone trend. The polished Grey Muse Nouvelle porcelain used in the family room appears again as a kitchen backdrop with cabinets.Mmetal-clad coffee tables in the living room; and, near a wide window wall that opens onto the main floor’s waterfront terrace, a cast bronze light fixture, completes the atmosphere.

The stairway leading to the rooms on the upper floor features steps made of oak and a metal banister. The walls are finished in Venetian plaster, while custom wood panels surround the elevator. 

Modern Miami House stairs
Modern Miami House kitchen

Just as the style proposes, the rooms of this modern Miami house have a monochromatic background. To provide an elegant contrast and maintain refinement, Schuster then added brighter, cozier elements to the palette through furniture, fabrics, and rugs. 

The walls of the master bedroom, for example, are wrapped in delicate gray silk woven with shimmering metallic threads, which are further enhanced by natural lighting from the large windows. The oversized double bed is wrapped in leather, and the textured rug helps bring a more contemporary and elegant atmosphere at the same time. 

Modern Miami House bedroom

The idea of outdoor living combined with the comfort of the space was also carefully planned by landscape architect Christopher Cawley, who further accentuated these views with a selection of palm trees and native plantings, including lush tangles of rustic vines. Like this, 

For the outdoor space, a seating set consisting of a chaise, armchairs, and a small two-seater sofa was chosen, which surrounds a beautiful wooden coffee table.  The palm trees were also strategically thought out to provide more space and privacy. 

Modern Miami House outdoor furniture

HOMMÉS Studio’s selection of modern furniture is designed to complement any room and blend with any interior design style. Therefore, we have selected 10 stunning pieces of furniture that highlight this style for q to get inspired and complete your next projects. Check them out!

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