Beyond Traditional – Modern Meets Chinese Culture in Luxury Resort Interiors


Explore the fusion of contemporary elegance and Chinese cultural richness within this luxury resort interior. Discover how tradition and modernity converge to inspire your next design project.

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the creative process is a delightful journey of exploration. As an interior designer, you’re constantly seeking fresh inspiration to infuse your projects with unique blend of elegance and cultural richness. Here we embark on a design adventure to the mesmerizing Xishan International Tourist Resort, where traditional Chinese culture meets modern luxury.

Nestled in the heart of Guizhou, this luxury resort is a place celebrated for its breathing landscapes and architectural wonders, lies a true gem, the IF Design award-winning 230 House Type. This architectural marvel stands as a testament to the exquisite marriage of modern aesthetics with traditional Chinese cultural elements.

Chinese luxury resort

As you enter to this luxury resort you see the reception, where exemplifies a modern and sophisticated design that seamlessly blends contemporary Chinese elements with timeless elegance. It serves as the first impression of the space, greeting visitors with a sense of luxury and style.

The color palette in this area is a symphony of neutral tones. Shades of gray and beige dominate, creating a harmonious and soothing ambiance. The use of these neutral colors adds a sense of understated luxury to the space.

The furniture in the luxury resort reception area is carefully selected to match the modern aesthetic. You find sleek, upholstered seating with clean geometric lines, offering a Chinese style. Also modern art pieces, Chinese sculptures, and decorative elements may adorn the space, adding a touch of personality.

Resort reception

  • Rapple Console Table by Hommés Studio

    Rapple Console Table

    Console Table 8.900,00
  • Moa Stool by Hommés Studio

    Moa Stool

    Stool 2.900,00
  • Manu Stool by Hommés Studio

    Manu Stool

    Stool 2.795,00

The living room of this luxury resort is characterized bu sleek and modern design. The predominant style is the contemporary minimalist, emphasizing clean lines, open spaces, and uncluttered surfaces. This design approach creates a sense of spaciousness and simplicity, allowing each element in the room to stand out.

The furnishings and decor in the room adhere to the minimalist ethos. The large, comfortable off-white sofa and the black coffee table are upholstered, contributing to the room’s sense of understated elegance. The use of neutral colors and subtle contrasts creates a calming and balanced atmosphere as the Chinese culture transmits.

Resort living room

  • -40% Nice Center Table Black By HOMMÉS STUDIO

    Nice Center Table Black

    Center Table 3.600,00 2.160,00
  • Giulia Sofa Nude by Hommés Studio

    Giulia Sofa Nude

    Sofa 8.800,00
  • Marina Armchair by Hommés Studio

    Marina Armchair

    Armchair 3.500,00
  • -40% Lunarys Round Center Table by Hommés Studio

    Lunarys Round Center Table

    Center Table 9.800,00 5.880,00

In this luxury resort we can also find the dining room that showcases a modern and minimalistic design style. It embraces clean lines, simplicity, and a strong focus on functionality and aesthetics. The design is uncluttered and emphasizes a sense of coziness.

Like the other resort divisions, the dining room features a combination of soft, muted colors such as white light gray, and beige. These neutral tones create a serene and timeless atmosphere, allowing the design elements and decor to take center stage.

This area features a contemporary chandelier that serves as a focal point. The light fixture adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space. The dining table is a set with minimalist tableware, adding a touch of refinement to the room. Simple, elegant seating aligns with the overall clean and modern Chinese aesthetic.

  • Nora Dining Chair by Hommés Studio

    Nora Chair

    Chair 2.800,00
  • Muller Dining Table White by HOMMÉS Studio

    Muller Dining Table White

    Dining Table 14.600,00
  • Billie Dining Table by Hommés Studio

    Billie Dining Table

    Dining Table 21.500,00

The luxury resort has two master bedrooms. Both of the bedrooms have a sense of comfort and luxury. They were thoughtfully designed to offer an escape from the world and provide a sense of tranquility and elegance, where you find a harmonious balance of classic Chinese aesthetics and modern luxury.

Both of the rooms have a traditional Chinese color palette. The rich red and gold elements that were used for small details in the bedroom. The neutral tones, including shades of beige, cream, soft pink and grays, form each bedroom backdrop, providing a sense of tranquility. The dark polish woods furniture that adds a warmth and a touch of tradition to the space.

The rooms are adorned with Chinese art and ceramics, these elements serve as a connection to the Chinese culture. Also, to maintain a sense of tradition, they have some style Chinese furnitures such as the black and white stools.

The focal part of each master bedroom from this luxury resort is the large bedroom, a luxurious bed with a richly decorated headboard and fine linens.

  • Fifih Bench by Hommés Studio

    Fifih Bench

    Bench 4.400,00
  • Demiz Bed by Hommés Studio

    Demiz Bed

    Bed 7.600,00
  • Matrioska Bedside Table By HOMMÉS STUDIO

    Matrioska Bedside Table

    Bedside Table 3.900,00
  • -40% Harveycanne Side Table by Hommés Studio

    Harveycanne Side Table

    Center Table 9.080,00 5.448,00

Within this luxury resort, the flowers room stands as a delightful oasis where natural world converges with refined design. The room is a celebration on the beauty of the flowers, with its color palette and decor paying homage to this stunning and diverse shades found in this Chinese botanical realm.

The room is adorned with a variety of floral patterns and motifs. This design choice gave a layer of botanical elegance to the luxury resort, bringing the essence of a garden indoors.

In the flowers room is chosen with the utmost care to complement the floral theme. Delicate, light wood chairs that provide a comfortable seating. A with center table with different types of bouquet of fresh flowers serves as a centerpiece, perfectly merging the worlds of interior design and nature.

Flower room

  • Billie Oval Dining Table Travertine by HOMMÉS Studio

    Billie Oval Dining Table Travertine

    Dining Table 25.900,00
  • Cinco Chair Gold by Hommés Studio

    Cinco Chair Gold

    Bar Chair 3.430,00
  • Niagara Small Side  Oak Table by Hommés Studio

    Niagara Small Side Table Oak

    Side Table 2.970,00

The courtyard design of this luxury resort combines aspects of contemporary design with the spirit of traditional Oriental courtyards. The architecture highlights the fusion with nature resulting in a serene haven. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and get away from the bustle of the city.

In the realm of interior design, the possibilities are boundless, and the blend of modern aesthetics with traditional cultural elements offers a world of inspiration. The Xishan International Tourist Resort demonstrates that we can go beyond traditions and incorporate modern style with Chinese culture is it no just a possibility but a reality that can elevate your design projects.

As you embark on your own creative endeavors, consider the fusion of tradition and modernity as a powerful tool in you toolkit. Incorporate the essence of this luxury resort into your designs, and watch as your projects come to life, echoing the harmonious blend of the old and the new in a way that will delight your clients and leave a lasting impression. When seeking furniture to complete your vision explore the modern collection of HOMMÉS Studio can help you to bring that touch of luxury and sophistication to your projects.

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