Horizon Flinders, a Minimalistic yet Extravagant House Design


In Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, deep in the cliffs, is located a house that surprises with its elevated house design, Horizon Flinders. Architectural firm BH Architects took care of the beautiful, fascinating exterior, and the interior design was in the good hands of MIM Design.

house design

Their approach was experimental play of shadows, yet extremely compatible with the house; Mim Design focused on playing with lights, shadows, and volumes already integrated into the house design. This perspective provided an exciting and elevated look to the house. There was a need to unite the surroundings and dramatic views with the interior and the people who would occupy the home. This trio resulted in a minimalistic look that calls attention.

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The spaces on the first floor are as unique and magical as they can be. The kitchen and dining area link organically through the kitchen island that appears to invite you in with its concave shape looks. Looking outside from that area at the open ocean, the floor-to-ceiling windows make it seem as if you reach far enough to touch the water. The living room is in the same ample open space and is also one of the coziest areas; a marble fireplace provides just the right amount of comfort, especially for those colder days of the year. The entire living area is a very relaxing and luxurious welcoming place to be in after enjoying meals with your family. 

Not only is it a visually pleasing design that offers the most mesmerizing views of the ocean and surrounding nature, but it is also innovative, modern, and yet simplistic in its form. The grand and elegant staircase with a slight curvature leads to a beautiful and intriguing flowy corridor. 

Those fascinating stairs lead to an even more special and unique space, a slightly curved corridor with thin and elegant floor-to-ceiling windows from where the light shines ever so slightly on the way to the sleeping area. The bedrooms, main bedrooms, and guest bedrooms follow shapes that resemble the organic forms of the entire house design. The triple bunk beds offer enough room for everyone, just the perfect amount of space for a guest bedroom that can welcome more than just two houseguests. 


The style of the entire house matches through these very neutral and soft tone colors that unify the spaces. It seems as if the colors and tones combine and transition to one another very smoothly. Apart from the standard rooms, the home, needless to say, is equipped with additional entertainment spaces, such as a wine room, a sauna, and a gym placed on the lower level of the house design.

The outdoors calls attention with the greenery and chosen landscape architecture. The fantastic balconies from above, look over the infinity pool that perfectly supplements the house and the owners’ need for relaxation. The pool is on the opposite side of the beach; the sight from there is just a breath of fresh air, with elevated landscape and gorgeous mountain views

Every detail of this mesmerizing house embraces organic and natural shapes. The color palette used in the interior design is very appropriate and enhances every finish and texture utilized in the decoration. The extraordinary views surrounding complement the house design, and a mix of elevated and simplicity make this house astonishing in every feature. The entire design represents minimalism and extravagance, united in its purest form.


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Source: YellowTrace Photos: Peter Clarke

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