Japandi Interior Design – The New Aesthetics for Your Projects


Japandi Interior Design is the new trend that combines the simplicity of Scandinavian style with the elegance of Japanese design. Let’s enhance your interior design projects!

For your interior design projects, the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles can give a serene, relaxed, and natural appearance. This Style emphasizes minimalist, functional, and peaceful interiors that promote a wholesome lifestyle. This aesthetic merges nature and sophistication by using modern furniture and neutral colors.

This design blends the organic and natural materials of the Japanese Style with the neutral colors and light wood used in the Scandinavian Style. If you want to enhance your living space with a captivating and minimalist ambiance, Japandi design might be the solution to elevate your interior design projects.

Japandi Interior Design

Step Inside a Japandi Interior Design Home

Japandi design is a stunning fusion of Japanese artistic elements and Scandinavian warmth and comfort. Simplicity, sustainability, and nature are the main elements of this interior design look. The furnishings, the neutral colors, and the high-quality materials are present in this aesthetic.

The Japandi Interior Design merges greenery and neutral elements to produce a serene, harmonious, and cozy atmosphere. It combines the best of both styles, providing a distinct and sophisticated approach that captivates and motivates any interior designer. Shanty Wijaya, the owner of AllPrace, has crafted an outstanding and tranquil home in Los Angeles that incorporates Japandi Style. Let’s take a look inside this beautiful home.

Japandi Style home

The interior designer crafted an open-concept design that connects the kitchen, living room, and dining area. The living room displays large windows and glass doors that bring the natural light inside the home and provides the residents with a way to appreciate the outstanding views of the outdoors. The interior design of this room exudes a serene atmosphere with neutral hues such as blues, white and grey tones.

The kitchen boasts natural materials and traditional elements, including lime-washed walls and a dark-wood island aligned with the Japanese style. Incorporating stools in the design adds a touch of Scandinavian style to this beautiful space. The Japandi interior design is also present in the dining area with beautiful and classic Scandinavian tables paired with wood chairs and stunning Asian-inspired artwork.

Living room with neutral colors

Japandi Interior Design is perfect for creating a living space that is timeless, classic, and sophisticated. The interior designer in this LA home incorporated various types of wood and modern furniture to achieve a serene yet minimalist aesthetic. The combination of Japanese elements and Scandinavian style creates an exciting space with different natural materials and shapes, creating a perfect contrast in multiple ways, like the office of this home that blends the Japadin design.

The room boasts a new white oak floor with a hand-painted diamond design yet to be finished. The Office features a stunning armchair and an orange floor lamp that add personality yet sophistication to the look. The wood desk and neutral rug complete the office’s elegance and peaceful atmosphere.

Office with a wood desk, armchair and a orange floor lamp

Peaceful and elegant look are the words to describe this beautiful Japandi interior design home designed by Wijaya. The bedrooms of this home are incredibly serene yet classic. The primary bedroom features a stunning hand-painted closet door inspired by Japan landscape and an oversized concrete tile that adds a natural, raw feeling to the room, balanced with the quarter-swan white oak ceiling beams. The interior designer added a stunning and traditional paper fan as wall decor.

The other bedroom in the house has a different feel than the main bedroom, but it still fits the overall style. The white ceilings give the place a cohesive look. This bedroom features a stunning arched headboard that was custom-made by the interior design team. The bedrooms’ Japandi interior design is present through the white hues and natural materials.

primary bedroom with white oak ceiling beams and a hand painted closet doors

Japandi Interior Design is the Key

What to create a minimalist yet sophisticated interior design project? Japandi interior design is the answer. From Japanese materials to Scandinavian elements results in the stunning Japandi design. Embrace the minimalism and the “less-is-more” lifestyle to create a beautiful, clean, and elegant living space.

We hope the new interior design trend has inspired you as much as it has inspired us to create the perfect elegant paradise. If you’re seeking further inspiration, we invite you to explore How to Create a Cozy Minimalist Project to learn how to enhance every room of your interior design project.

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