Italian Modernism – Discover the Stunning Miami Art Gallery Project


Designed by Oppenheim Architecture and Collarte Interiors, we present this delightful Italian modernism-inspired Miami beach apartment.

Italian modernism has always cultivated the ability to reflect contemporary culture, respond to changes in taste and living needs, sensing and anticipate trends. Therefore, the pieces with this style result from a unique mix of creativity, innovation, industrial know-how, and excellence.

The apartment

After moving from Milan, the homeowners purchased a penthouse flat with stunning views. They demolished the building to the studs and hired a company to renovate the three-story area completely. This included swapping out the elevator with a seductive spiral stair that seemed to hover weightlessly above the ground.

The potential for entertaining was optimized by making the nautilus-like stairway the center of attention and leaving the other spaces unrestricted access to the 270-degree vistas. The real challenge was connecting these spaces to make them feel familiar.

italian modernism

In order to keep the sense of airiness, the design group intentionally kept the furnishings to a minimum, but, of course, still selected unique sculptural pieces to increase their impact on the house. For example, in the living room, a plush Ayala Serfaty sofa is paired with monolithic stools by Djim Berger, playful lamps by Misha Khan and the Haas Brothers, and a striking Vincenzo de Cotiis cocktail table topped with an amber-hued glass work by Jeff Zimmerman.

When it comes to the dining room, this space it’s replete with Italian modernism-inspired art and contemporary pieces that allow the signature unique style of this design project to bloom. Claudia Moreira Salles and Oppenheim created the large dining table with a chain of noir-style Carlo Trucchi candleholders. Nacho Carbonell created an early sculpture that adds a pop of vibrancy and texture.

The client’s following ardent demand for the space—a baby grand piano—is placed in an alcove at the foot of the dining area. The pair, who are extensively involved in a number of Miami philanthropies, frequently host concerts and receptions at home. However, the highly ordinary instrument is turned into an art installation by controversial pieces by Giulio Paolini, Enrico Castellani, Dadamaino, and Lucio Fontana.

As you may know, the stone is a very present material in the Italian modernist style, and of course, what other place would be better to embrace this characteristic material than the bathroom? With its neutral hues, natural decoration, and fluid design, this area radiates modernism and extreme elegance. Additionally, this bathroom design is still capable of connecting this space with the rest of the house, giving the impression that the property is gorgeously connected.

italian modernism

Despite the general minimalism of the house, due to the careful editing, the artworks are given the best chance to stand out. Their contemporary Italian modernism movement and shape enliven the environment and provide a particular personality to the room.

According to Collarte, since the home pieces are all museum-worthy, this house feels like a gallery in some ways. However, the client really wanted to live among her art.

The upstairs pool area, which Oppenheim describes as “a beach cabana in the sky,” is another well-liked location for gathering with friends and family. Low-lying B&B Italia sofas and Hans Wegner chairs provide unhindered views out to the rooftop pool, where the family frequently meets to watch outdoor movies.

Even though Italian modernism combines bold, bright colors, as this European style is flexible, it is still possible to achieve a glamorous Italian modernism look by balancing some of its characteristics with an alternative touch. In this case, this project being a beach house, the designers used a lot of this style’s features through geometries and combining materials such as metals, marbles, and velvet, yet, they opted for earthy and natural hues instead of bright colors.

Now that you have seen this fantastic Italian modernism-inspired beach apartment that perfectly blends art and modernity, continue your inspiring journey by discovering how to elevate your design with artistic flair.

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