Inside the Art Deco Apartment of The White Lotus actor, Michael Imperioli


The Art Deco Apartment in New York City was designed by his wife and interior designer, Victoria, and reflects everything the style calls for: art and glamour.

Lights, camera… Action! Unlike the annoying tone of his most recent character in The White Lotus, Dominic Di Grasso, actor Michael Imperioli welcomed AD magazine to his art deco apartment with much enthusiasm. Check it all out in this post!

Michael Imperioli Art deco apartment

Filled with artistic, musical and literary references, the star shows the two-bedroom accommodation in New York city  and quickly transports us into a world of complete passion. Take a look at the details of Michael Imperiolis’ Art Deco apartment:

The “Behind-The-Scenes” Interior designer

Married for 27 years and with grown children, the couple makes the most of the space where they live: an old hotel with classic flair and completely redesigned by the hands of Victoria Imperioli, his wife, interior designer and set designer. “I don’t need to tell her anything, she knows what I need,” says the actor about the fact that his wife has perfectly matched his extensive collection of artistic items in the space.

The century-old apartment, which in the actor’s words is “a refuge from the world,” could easily be considered a gem from New York’s glorious Jazz Age, as it carries many references to the style in Art Deco.

The past of the building, built in 1926, served as inspiration for Victoria, who designed the space as if it were “a beautiful hotel suite,” since spaces such as the living room was designed in shades of gray to highlight the works of art and the kitchen displays gorgeous arrangements in black and white marble.

The Art Deco Apartment Inspiration:

Geometric forms, angular lines, color patterns, curves, and a lot of glam are the primary distinguishing qualities of the Art Deco style in terms of furniture, aesthetics and design. This the art movement, which first appeared in Europe in the 1920s, also makes use of cubism, modernism, and neoclassicism as design cues.

And it was with this audacious and at the same time sensual proposal that the interior designer designed the decoration of their own Art Deco apartment. The couple, who travel a lot, makes a point of always bringing works of art and antiques from wherever they visit. Among paintings and true relics, we can highlight the Testa di Moro, a ceramic piece acquired while Michael was filming the second season of The White Lotus in Taormina, Sicily.

Among the acquisitions, the wallpaper used in the composition of the space was also saved until the best occasion. “If I see something exceptional, I will buy a lot of it. More kind of classically themed things, they’re sometimes a little bit hard to find.” says Victoria. With many elements in gold – a classic color that enhances the luxuriousness of the style -, textures in velvet and the use of metals in the detailing of the furniture, walking through this Art Deco apartment rooms is like getting lost in a 1920s Hollywood movie.

Art Deco Apartment in NYC, Michael Imperioli

In the main rooms we can highlight the living room, which invites us to admire a large German painting from the 19th century, and in the dining room, next to the beautiful French table and chairs, an unsigned oil painting of Santa Barbara.

The kitchen, though small, was also almost completely remodeled when the Imperiolis moved in. Simple but functional, the cabinets that house the couple’s dishes were completely remade by the professional, who kept the birch wallpapers from Ukraine (her origins) until the opportunity to use them arrived.

Art Deco Apartment in NYC, Michael Imperioli
Art Deco Apartment in NYC, Michael Imperioli

The choice of colors for the rooms was also carefully thought out. In Michael’s office, for example, where the actor spends much of his time between work and reading, it is possible to be immersed in a world of blues and greys, colors that stimulate intellectual activity. It is also where the star is dedicated to music and where he proudly displays part of his instrument collection, since he is also a member of the band “Zopa”, which released its first album in 2021.

Colors are also a reference in the couple’s bedroom. With many details in yellow, the idea was that the symbolism of the sun – sometimes rare in the gray days of New York – would be comforting and create a warmer atmosphere upon waking up. Michael and Victoria, who have been practicing Buddhism for years, also have a special room for meditation practices. The so-called “Buddha Room” is a former closet that is now decorated in traditional yellow and red and houses religious “thangkas” paintings that Victoria brought back from a trip to Nepal in 2017.

Art Deco Apartment in NYC, Michael Imperioli
Art Deco Apartment in NYC, Michael Imperioli

Finally, there is also the bathroom, the last part of the beautiful art deco apartment. With a “bélle epoque” vibe, the gold and metallic matches very well with the light tones of the tiles on the walls and the marble of the countertop with mirror. Once again, the interior designer good taste left the space elegant, useful and and irresistible, characteristics that best define the proposal of an art deco apartment. 

Art Deco Apartment in NYC, Michael Imperioli
Art Deco Apartment in NYC, Michael Imperioli

Wow, what a wonderful tour through the art deco apartment of the star of The White Lotus series, Michael Imperioli. Explore more unique and exquisite Art Deco Style furniture by HOMMÉS Studio and complete your environments like a true professional! Find unique furniture from seating to tables, lighting, storage and complements.

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