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Luxury Art Deco Hotels Around The World - Hommes Studio

Luxury Art Deco Hotels Around The World

These are the luxury art deco hotels around the world that you should stay in if you have the chance to. Art Deco is one of the most influential design styles of the 20th Century, so that it never went out of fashion. There is a distinctive charm in the art deco interior design style. Perhaps that’s why the design style is still one of the favorites aesthetics of commercial and hospitality projects. Discover the top luxury art deco hotels worldwide, either to stay in or to inspire you on your next interior design project.


Luxury Art Deco Hotels - The Savoy

The Savoy was already a top luxury hotel in London. However, the historic hotel underwent a renovation that merged Edwardian-style with Art Deco design. As a result, The Savoy elevated its status as a luxury art deco hotel.

More than an art deco hotel, The Savoy is an art deco experience. The interiors have deep hues, such as green and black, and lavish golden details. Imposing chandeliers and shiny streamlines create a rich visual experience.


Luxury Art Deco Hotels - The Fairmont Peace Shangai

The Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shangai opens its doors in 1929. Immediately, the hospitality facility became an obligatory stop to the elites traveling to seductive China.

Fairmont Peace Hotel speaks the language of geometric floors, paneled walls, and decorated ceilings. It is visually and historically rich. Nowadays, the soft hues of the hotel give a fresh cut to the art deco interior style.


Luxury Art Deco Hotels - The Wellesley London

London seems to be the go-to destination if you really want to experience the stay in top luxury art deco hotels.

Despite not being initially an art deco design, The Wellesley achieves its status quo in luxury art deco hotels due to its entertaining offering. Besides the modern art deco interior design style, this hotel in London has an Italian restaurant, vintage spirits, and a Jazz Lounge, to name some of the areas.


Luxury Art Deco Hotels - The Waldorf Astoria New York

The Waldorf Astoria in New York is a reference to the art deco design style.

The breath-taking lobby matches neutral hues with bright lighting fixtures. In contrast with this palette, there are paneled murals and mosaics on the floor. With a touch of Art Nouveau, The Waldorf Astoria is the body to a design movement soul.


Luxury Art Deco Hotels - The Colony Palm Beach

The Colony Hotel Palm Beach is a colonial-style property. During the first 2020 lockdown, the hotel went under renovation. At The Colony Palm Beach, you’ll find a welcoming lobby with art-deco chandeliers and other furniture pieces that take anyone back to the 40’s.

To discover everything about this revamp, read the article DREAMY RENOVATION OF THE COLONY PALM BEACH HOTEL


Luxury Art Deci Inteiors - The Chatwalk New York

Part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Group, The Chatwal in New York remembers us of the golden 20sage in the USA.

In 2010 the architect Thierry Despont renovated the interior. Even though the work of the architect modernizes the art deco design language, the interior of The Chatwal Hotel in New York gets even more eccentric. Just like the 20s.


Luxury Art Deco Hotels, The Peninsula Paris

In the romantic city of Paris, The Peninsula Paris is one of those luxury art deco hotels that don’t go away from our mind. Its luxury is found in its details.

The Peninsula Paris hotel in Paris is special due to the juxtaposition of modern furniture which reinterprets the language of the art deco interior design style.


Luxury Art Deco Hotels - Prince de Galles

Again, in the charming city of Paris, Prince de Galles is a statement of the prestigious and privileged location the hotel is in, as well as an art deco design statement.

Prince The Galles celebrates the art deco interior design style with dark hues, namely black, and dramatic golden fixtures, such as lamps.


Art Deco Imperial in Prague - Luxury Art Deco Interiors

Art Deco design style was really impactful in the 20th Century’s architecture, product, and interior design. Its aesthetic spread across all the world, and fortunately, we are able to find a piece of history and a delightful art deco hotel anywhere in the world. That is the case with Art Deco Imperial in Prague.

The historic hotel lost part of its identity due to multiple fires. Nevertheless, the reconstruction in 2005 brought back some of the features that mesmerize any guest.

Luckily, the imposing staircase in marble resists over time. The staircase is also a symbol of art deco resistance decade after decade.


In the busy city of London, Claridges Hotel keeps many of its ’20s art deco features. In addition to Art Nouveau, Cubism, and Futurism, this is a luxury hotel that shapes the representation of English luxury.

In order to refresh the aesthetic of the hotel, the interior designer Bryan O’Sullivan adds glimpses of pink to the interior of Claridges London.

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Which one of these luxury art deco hotels inspires you the most? Don’t forget to Pin it and to include it on your next project’s moodboard. Seek more inspiration in our art deco style for interiors moodboard on Pinterest as well.

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