8 Bedroom Ideas for Ultimate Bedroom Inspiration – Celebrity-Style


Discover 8 stunning bedroom inspiration ideas that bring celebrity-style luxury to your home. Get tips and tricks to transform your space into a dream bedroom that reflects the glamour of your favorite stars.

Shonda Rimes Bedroom inspiration

In the world of interior design, the bedrooms of celebrities often serve as a source of inspiration for those to elevate their projects. From luxurious furnishings to innovate design concepts, celebrity bedrooms offer a glimpse into the opulent world of A-list living. We’ve curated a list of eight celebrity bedroom inspirations that will help you to infuse celebrity-style ideas into your own bedroom projects.

1. Serena Williams guest room

Serenas Williams’s Florida home bedroom style is an amazing guest bedroom inspiration for your projects. The design of the bedroom was designed by her and her sister Venus inspired in the color river blue. She decided to use two bed in the room with the blue shade of the walls. She had the ability to balance the opulence with minimalist. With the strong blue color the room is completed without padding nothing more as the two bed, the neural armchair and one beside table between the two beds.

Serena's guest room

2. Nina Dobrev primary Room

Nina Dobrev primary bedroom inspiration of her Hollywood home came from the interior designer, Charlie Barstein. The room is a luxurious haven with a boho flair, the master bedroom bed it’s the crown flower of the division. The area is simple, without feeling the quiet and feels disjointed from the property’s outdoor environment.

She went for a headboard that makes a statement, making the master bed to stand out. Choose a black and bold, eye-catching headboard became the center piece of the bedroom contrasting with the stunning piece of art above it.

The main color palette of Nina’s primary bedroom are the gold shades in the furnishings, like in the marvelous chandelier and bold shades, such as dark brown and green tones, and some elements in black that definitely catch everyones eye.

3. Jason Statham modern bedroom

Jason Statham’s has a midcentury styled house, although the bedrooms of the property are mixed styles between midcentury and modern. Jason’s bedroom was designed by Courtney Applebaum, who made every furnishings and decor of the room mostly soft, so it doesn’t pul focus on just that.

The main concept go the room is a minimalist midcentury style where Jason can relax and rejuvenate with the serenity and calmness of all the neutral tones of the room. For example, his plush bed is luxurious, soft and inviting for relaxation, and his simple working desk and unique chair just make the room even more aesthetic.

Here you can have a bedroom inspiration for elevate your project with a mix of two styles that combine very well together.

Json Statham modern bedroom

4. D’Angelo Russel neutral room

NBA’s star primary bedroom is a contemporary bedroom inspiration that would elevate your projects. D’Angelo choose to have is bedroom in neutral colors, predominantly in black and white elements. This stunning are is composed with a big comfortable dark-shaded bed and a cozy gray sofa in front of the television, making it so inviting just spend all night there.

Also the big window, showing the outdoors of the property just brings the light and the green environment just like the room needed, contrasting with its neutral palette of colors.

D'Angelo Russel master bedroom

5. Shay Mitchell primary bedroom

The actress primary’s room can be a bedroom inspiration for your new mums projects. The designer of Shay’s bedroom was Chad Wood and she did exactly eat the actress wanted. A simple and cozy bedroom, with the baby nursery closed to her right in front of the amazing mohair-covered bed.

The color palette of the room is predominately in the rich tone of brown as the actress loves, all the brown and neutral shades balance perfectly together, taking Shay’s to an environment where she can relax and rest, but also where she can be closed to her baby.

The furnishings are simple, but at the same time they give a sense of minimalist luxury with it brown wood side tables and the gold and black chandelier above the bed just completes all the bedroom.

Shay Mitchell bedroom

6. Troye Sivan guest bedroom

This sixth stunning bedroom inspiration is from Troye Sivan’s Melbourne house designed by Flack studio. The guest bedroom of this house is so unique and different of what you saw in the other celebrities bedrooms. The first thing that cough your eye is the cork ceilings of the room, mixed with the red carpet and the strong and earthy tones of decor is just magnificent, all combined provide a room that is incredibly warm and serene without being lifeless.

Troye Sivan's guest beroom

7. Miley Cyrus moody bedroom

The singers master bedroom is definitely a pop star bedroom inspiration for those you want to feel like them. The designer of the bedroom is obviously the singer with the help of her mum Tish Cyrus and her partner designer Mat Sanders.

Right away when you enter the room you see the big photo of the singer above the headboard of the bed gives a personal touch in the room, making the bedroom truly of her.

The definition of the room is the moody colors like the muted grey on the walls and the mix of the dark muted tones with some elements in gold. The centerpieces of the room are for sure the stainless-steel-and-brass 1980s bed in the center of the room, just makes a statement of uniqueness, also the luxurious black and gold chandelier above the bed.

Miley Cyrus master bedroom

8. Hugh Jackman white room

The primary bedroom of Hugh Jackman’s home was designed by his wife with the help of the interior designer Eleanor Donnelly, and the got this bedroom inspiration on the Calvin Klein’s house that Eleanor worked before.

Everything of this room is about the color white, all the furnishings, the asymmetrical white bed, he walls, the curtains and the big shelf beside the bed. All this decor elements give a sense of peace on the room matching the quietness of the green outdoor that we can see through the big window of the division.

By infusing your bedroom projects with these celebrity-inspired ideas, you can create a space that not only exudes style and luxury but also provides the ultimate elevation for your personal projects. Remember, your bedroom projects reflects your unique tastes and preferences while offering comfort and serenity. For more bedroom inspiration visito Hommés Studio website and explore our bedroom collection.

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