Fuorisalone 2024: HOMMÉS Studio Presents ‘Still Wood – Scenes of Everyday Life’


Immerse yourself in the fusion of luxury furniture and timeless aesthetics, celebrating the beauty of wood in everyday settings.

HOMMÉS Studio returns to one of the most awaited events of the year, Fuorisalone 2024. The design studio is delighted to announce the concept of “Still Wood,” showcasing an exquisite collection of furniture, lighting, and amazing rug designs that seamlessly blend art aesthetics with functionality. The exhibition will take place at Casa del Manzoni—Via Gerolamo Morone, 1 Milano, from April 16th to 21st, 2024.

The theme of Fuorisalone 2024, titled “Materia Natura,” explores the profound connection between material and nature within the context of design and creativity. This theme encourages a conscious design culture that prioritizes sustainability as a guiding principle and fundamental value in the creative and design processes.

“Materia Natura” suggests a deeper exploration of the intrinsic qualities of materials sourced from nature and their impact on the environment. It promotes a shift towards responsible and thoughtful design practices that minimize ecological footprints while celebrating the richness and diversity of natural materials.

Through this theme, Fuorisalone 2024 aims to inspire designers, artists, and innovators to embrace sustainable approaches in their work, fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty and resilience of natural resources. It encourages the integration of sustainability into every stage of the design journey, from material selection to production and beyond.

The concept of HOMMÉS Studio “Still Wood” offers a serene escape, inviting visitors to embrace a pause in the rush of life’s rhythm through meticulously crafted marquetry pieces. When everything goes faster with technology, artificial intelligence, and metaverses, it’s time to pause and bring back what’s organic in life: the material. The wood, the principal element in these textures, highlights the pieces, where each one is meticulously crafted in marquetry to evoke emotions, tell stories, and embrace the essence of home.

We have applied the marquetry technique to transform wood into a medium for storytelling, but also as a testament to our responsibility for the environment and the planet, as a conscious design collection that keeps our craftsmen alive,” explains Micael Carvalho, Creative Director at HOMMÉS.

This presents a chance to contemplate the future of design in a world that is being shaped. While HOMMÉS Studio remains devoted to creativity, this “pause” becomes imperative for embracing the art of craftsmanship and preserving heritage. This is mostly because humanity is defined by the ability to create art and recognize beauty in every aspect of the earth, turning it into enduring legacies for future generations.

In the captivating setting of Fuorisalone 2024, HOMMÉS Studio unveiled an immersive experience that harmonized the concept of “Still Wood” and the event’s theme of “Materia Natura.” The HOMMÉS’s showcase was a testament to a conscious design culture, celebrating the profound connection between sustainable materials and nature in creative processes.

The pieces that were present invited visitors to embrace a pause in life’s rhythm, showcasing meticulously crafted marquetry that evoked emotions and celebrated the beauty of natural materials. The Lisola Armchair, a pinnacle of comfort and style, enveloped guests in its plush embrace, offering a serene escape from daily stresses. Adjacent to it, the Folk Center Table served as a masterpiece of artisanal craftsmanship, not merely furniture but a story in wood, celebrating heritage and sustainability.

In the realm of contemporary design, where sustainability and natural materials are at the forefront, the fusion of sleek black and white aesthetics with the concepts of “Still Wood” and “Materia Natura” represents a harmonious marriage of modernity and organic elements.

Hommés Studio unveiled a collection of sleek and modern furnishings curated in black and white tones, showcasing a sophisticated interpretation of contemporary design. The Quantic Console Table embodied minimalist elegance with its clean lines and geometric silhouette. Crafted from premium materials, this console table exuded a sense of refined sophistication, making it a striking focal point in any space.

Complementing it was the Luminous Table Lamp, a study in contrasts with its sleek black base and minimalist white shade. This table lamp combined functionality with artistic flair, casting a soft and inviting glow that enhanced the ambiance of any room. Decoration items from the ACH Collection as fragrances were also present.

Together, these pieces embody a refined approach to interior decor, where black and white tones merge effortlessly with the principles of sustainability and natural craftsmanship. They serve as a testament to the enduring appeal of integrating organic elements into contemporary living spaces, inviting us to embrace a design philosophy that respects nature while embracing modern sensibilities.

  • -50% Odonto Center Table by Hommés Studio

    Odonto Center Table

    Center Table 10.000,00 5.000,00
  • -60% Niagara Large Side Table Wood by Hommés Studio

    Niagara Large Side Table Wood

    Side Table 2.970,00 1.188,00
  • -50% Muller Dining Table White by HOMMÉS Studio

    Muller Dining Table White

    Dining Table 14.600,00 7.300,00
  • -50% Mykonos Sunbed by Hommés Studio

    Mykonos Daybed

    Daybed 13.000,00 6.500,00

As attendees savored the atmosphere of HOMMÉS Studio’s “Still Wood” exhibition at Fuorisalone 2024, they immersed themselves in a fusion of artistic expression and organic beauty.

HOMMÉS’s Studio’s presence underscored the significance of embracing tactile warmth and timeless elegance amidst a technologically driven world. As guests departed, they carried with them not only admiration for exquisite craftsmanship but a renewed appreciation for the profound impact of wood in shaping the essence of our living spaces.

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