Creative Design: Get To Know The Homes Of The Most Famous Artists


Creative Design is always what we’re looking for, and by doing that we intend to pass that information and knowledge to you!

Sam Lubell is the writer behind the “Life Meets Art: Inside the Homes of the World’s Most Creative People” book. This is his latest work that investigates the personal and intimate spaces of 250 celebrated artists. Besides artists, we’ll find designers, musicians, and writers of the last six centuries.

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Photo Courtesy: Villa Santo Sospir

According to Sam Lubell, the research and selection of all of these artists were like a treasure. “Once we finalized our list, I became so ensconced in these homes that I felt like I was somewhere else. Often I spent hours communing with their art or listening to their music,”. It was like a travel through time!

In the first image, we can find Jean Cocteau’s home in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrate in France. The most curious detail about this living room is the painted walls, a unique painting by Jean Cocteau himself.

Creative Interior Design

interior design
Photo Courtesy: Archivo Fundación Pablo Neruda

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In addition to this list, one of the three house museums that were dedicated to Pablo Neruda. “Isla Negra”. A unique interior design, full of art!

Sam Lubell says that “There’s this phenomenal feedback loop between a creative person and their living space,”; Their experience inspires their art, which inspires their home, which inspires their art, which inspires their experience, and so on and so on.”

Creative Design
Photo Courtesy: Grant Frazer

Alexander McQueen was the interior designer of this home, however, he died in 2010. This happened when he was converting several apartments in London into a private home. Paul Davies London was the design firm that completed the project, as a tribute to the fashion icon.

creative design
Photo Courtesy: Rubenshuis

An outstanding interior design that makes travel through time. The Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens has brought a little taste of Italy to his Antwerp home in Belgium.

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Photo Courtesy: Louis Armstrong House Museum

A unique photo from an eclectic home, the property of Louis Armstrong. Louis was a simple man with amazing talent. His home is an example of what he was!

By Famous Artists

Photo Courtesy: Manuel Bougot

Equally important, this home belongs to Eileen Gray, the Irish architect, and furniture designer. She was a pioneer of the Modern Movement in architecture, which is clear to see here.

Creative Design
Photo Courtesy: Karim Rashid Inc.

All we can see here is color and art. Karim Rashid is known for his ability to be bold, which means that he is not afraid of being different. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be looking at this image.

home decor
Photo Courtesy: The Modern House

Matt Gibberd and Faye Toogood are the owners of Modern House, they say that when they found this one “it was love at first sight”. We can find a neutral color palette interior design and simple home decor.

Creative Design
Photo Courtesy: Neil Young/Foster + Partners

To conclude, this is the private residence of Norman Foster’s La Voile, in Cape Ferrat, France. It has seven floors that open into a vast atrium.

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