Cool Colors Collection: 12 Trendy Furniture By HOMMÉS Studio


Cool colors is a unique HOMMÉS Studio Collection that celebrates the simplicity and efficiency of cold colors in interior design. Check out 12 trendy furniture for iconic decor:

Between shades of blue, green, and purple, the cool colors evoke peaceful and refreshing vibes, creating luxurious and memorable atmospheres.

cool colors interior trends 2023

The Power Of Cool Colors

Colors have the power to influence our lives, awakening emotions and stimulating our deepest feelings. Not everything is black and white. As part of our everyday life, reflecting diverse styles, colors attract the right energies depending on how they are chosen and combined. 

In Feng Sgui, for example, an ancient and powerful practice that aims to bring more balance and harmony to spaces through colors, they are mostly separated into sensory perceptions that vary between warm and cold. Each of the colors would be directly linked to an element capable of transmitting a certain sensation. 

While warm tones are often associated with stronger emotions like passion, joy, and intensity, cool colors help resignify feelings like calm, refreshment, and a bit of nostalgia. If our lives are colorful and in constant motion, why not then embrace the power of cool tones in our interiors? They can help you to slow down and soften any room division! 

Learn more below about Green, Blue and Purple, the new colorful elements that bring HOMMÉS Studio’s Cool Trends Forecasting 2023 to life. 

  • BLUE:  Associated with Yin energy, decorative elements derived from light blue by their nature create a relaxing atmosphere that attracts a sense of pure pleasure and well-being. A pastel blue, for example, is perfect for creating an atmosphere of serenity, essential in the composition of living rooms or bedrooms. Choosing pieces in cobalt blue is adding pops of excitement and navy blue, has a more serious and deep tone, essential for creating timeless and cool color interiors.
  • GREEN: Somewhere between blue and yellow is green, a refreshing and optimistic hue that allows for a healthy state of mind, in direct contact with nature. Also a symbol of balance, try incorporating different pieces of furniture and accessories with this tone in offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. 
  • PURPLE: This is one of the cool colors that can evoke our most peaceful, dreamy, and nostalgic feelings. Often associated with sophistication, lavender and purple tones are almost like a treat for the eyes and look good both indoors and outdoors. For those hoping to elevate an interior design boldly but with weightlessness, the purple decor is perfect!

The Cool Colors Collection Furniture by HOMMÉS Studio

Inspired by the simplicity and efficiency of cool colors to communicate the uniqueness of our emotions, HOMMÉS Studio has launched a furniture collection with a palette of green, blue, and purple tones. Among textures, shades, and materials, it is possible to lose yourself in an infinity of feelings and sensations. We invite you to know a little bit more about each of them:


Starting with blue, which is one of the primary colors and one of the most versatile in the composition of tones. From peaceful to electrifying, it is possible to create calm environments just between the nuances and intensities of this pigmentation. 

To brighten up any environment, the Cool Colors Collection brought some of HOMMÉS’ darlings, also in special versions. The Rosalia Sideboard, for example, is an exceptional modern style design with an elegant theatrical shape to be part of your high-end design project. Duna Center Table Blue is a playful combination of round shapes and lush textures. The ice blue round top, supported by four spheres, will make a strong visual impact in a contemporary decor.

  • Rosalia Sideboard Blue by HOMMÉS Studio

    Rosalia Sideboard Blue

    Sideboard 13.800,00
  • Duna Center Table Blue

    Duna Center Table Blue

    Center Table 8.900,00

If your intention is to attract just the right amount of attention, the Burton Dining Table Blue is one of the furnitures in cool colors and simply perfect! The Maximalist Version with an ultramarine blue oval top and sculptural legs of this table is inspired by the transcendental universe of Tim Burton. 

To complete the bedroom decor, there is nothing like an imposing Malala Chest of Drawers Blue, a modern piece that reveals all the energy of vibrant, vivid blue. Moa Bench is also the perfect addition!

  • Burton Dining Table Bue by HOMMÉS Studio
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    Burton Dining Table Blue

    Tables 20.000,00
  • Malala Chest of Drawers Blue by HOMMÉS Studio

    Malala Chest of Drawers Blue

    Chest of Drawers 7.300,00
  • Moa Bench Blue by HOMMÉS Studio

    Moa Bench Blue

    Bench 5.600,00


Fresh, daring, optimistic, and futuristic. These are the words that highlight rooms decorated with this cool color. To better exemplify the power of this hue, we have selected three pieces of green-colored furniture that will make you fall in love!

Known for its voluptuous silhouette with a large seat, a small back and a gold-finished metal base, the Vonkli II Armchair has been given a green version for Memphis Design style lovers. Why be simple when you can simply be unforgettable? Also classic and beloved by interior designers, meet the Lunarys Sofa Green version, a modern style sofa that features a glamorous aesthetic look.

How about activating the freshness of your dining room with an authentic piece from Cool Colors? Muller Dining Table Green is a statement of charm beyond compare. This dining table embraces a pure and definitive form of modernity.

  • Vonkli Armchair II Green by HOMMÉS Studio
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    Vonkli Armchair II Green

    Seating 7.000,00
  • Lunarys Sofa Green by HOMMÉS Studio
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    Lunarys Sofa Green

    Seating 9.000,00
  • Muller Dining Table Green by HOMMÉS Studio

    Muller Dining Table Green

    Dining Table 14.600,00


Complete unique rooms with personality in cool colors with furniture in shade of purple. To help you with the selection, we have separated four pieces from the HOMMÉS Studio collection with this charming and bold shade. 

Gyvaté Armchair Lilac is an exquisite design piece for high-end interior design projects. The armchair allows a customizable composition with another modular sofa. A trendy piece of furniture capable of offering a sophisticated style while drawing attention thanks to its delicate purplish tones is the Camou Sideboard version. This luxury buffet disguises itself as a piece of contemporary art.Finally, we cannot leave out the bold and delicate shapes at the same time of the modern Martinez Mirror Lilac and the luxurious Matrioska Chest of Drawers Lilac. Having one of these pieces in the composition of your project is synonymous with good taste and lots of attitude.

  • Gyvaté Armchair Lilac by HOMMÉS Studio
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    Gyvaté Armchair Lilac

    Seating 9.000,00
  • Camou Sideboard Purple by HOMMÉS Studio

    Camou Sideboard Purple

    Sideboard 13.900,00
  • Matrioska Sideboard Lilac by HOMMÉS Studio

    Matrioska Sideboard Lilac

    Chest of Drawers 6.800,00
  • Martinez Mirror Lilac by HOMMÉS Studio

    Martinez Mirror Lilac

    Mirror 6.900,00

Regardless of the season, cool colors are perfect for creating the perfect mood for any interior design. Let your emotions flow and embrace the universe that trendy furniture Cool Colors has to offer you! Did you like this content? Then download the E-book of the complete collection to see how to add even more personality to your rooms! 

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