Stunning Mistinguett Restaurant: Where Art Deco Aesthetic Meets History in Paris


Discover the Glamour of the 1920s Art Deco aesthetic at Mistinguett restaurant, a project by Atelier Ha that provides a journey into timeless beauty and history.

Paris is the city of light, glamour, and dreams. As expected for a project in this magical city, – the Mistinguett restaurant is a journey into timeless beauty and lavish details. Located in a legendary Parisian music hall, Casino de Paris, the restaurant’s interior offers a journey into time, highlighting the best of the Art Deco aesthetic and its glamourous references.

The magical Art Deco aesthetic interior was brought to life through the expertise of the architects Hugo Vince and Aèle Nourry, founders of Atelier Ha. Together, they created an extravagant interior that perfectly matches the luxury bistro led by Chef Etienne Daviau.

This article will offer you a journey into this elegant interior – paying particular attention to the Art Deco Aesthetic and references that make it channel luxury through its detail. Prepare yourself to enter the 1920s Glamour and be immersed in an era where gold details, beautiful patterns, and sumptuous textiles are all around.

art deco aesthetic - restaurant Mistinguett by Atelier Ha

The Inspiration – Art Deco Aesthetic

The Art Deco aesthetic in this lavish Parisian restaurant boosts the interior with luxury through its detail – from the beautiful and deep coral tones to the metals and gold details. The Art Deco references are all around, bringing a touch of Glamour and luxury to each detail of this interior. To make our journey even more enjoyable, we will briefly review this style that has the power to bring back the 1920s golden era.

The Art Deco aesthetic highlights rich colors, bold geometry, and sumptuous detail work. Having reached the height of its popularity in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, the style brings Glamour, luxury, and order with symmetrical designs and exuberant details. Geometric and angular forms, exotic materials, and linear decoration characterize the Art Deco approach, which does not fear being bold or exaggerated.

To match a city that shines as Paris does and with imponents architectural buildings – the Art Deco aesthetic is a perfect match to emphasize the title of city of light and embrace the glamourous feelings people usually look for when visiting.

History, Luxury & More – The Stunning Mistinguett Restaurant

With a deep connection with the Parisian nightlife – the Casino de Paris has been a reference in the city for over 130 years. It was here that, in 1895, a captivating and talented performer named Jeanne Florentine Bourgeois stepped into the spotlight for the very first time under the dazzling persona of Mistinguett.

Her debut took place in a grand theater boasting a remarkable 1,500 seats. Little did anyone know that this moment marked the inception of a fantastic journey that would ultimately crown her as the unparalleled “Monarch of the Music Hall. The talented performer inspired this lavish restaurant, which aimed to revive all the glamour from the golden stages and bring back nostalgia.

Nostalgic history discovered in the Art Deco the secret ingredient to boost the restaurant and bring back its glamourous past. Also, the perfect background was already there – the stained-glass window was an attractive direction to get deeper into the Art Deco style; its artistic paintings, rich colors, and light create the perfect starting point to create an atmosphere where luxury is everywhere. So now, it’s time to explore more about this unique interior and magical Art Deco Aesthetic.

To bring the best of 1920s glamours and also revive the meaningful history of the Casino de Paris, the talented duo from Atelier HA did deep research on historical photos – infusing every detail with meaning. Through the lavish textiles, sober colors, and rich materials, the architects created an interior that mimics the 1920s glamour and revives an essential Parisian location.

Inside the restaurant that incorporates the essence of Art Deco, the highlight goes to the bespoke banquettes, chairs, tables paired with meticulously crafted pieces, and a curated collection of antique treasures sourced from the picturesque corners of France, Italy, and Belgium. Among these gems, the Murano-glass suspension lamp takes center stage, sharing the beauty of rich materials and the essence of Art Deco style.

Besides carefully selecting crafted furniture items, a bold statement is made with a striking red and black leopard print rug. At the same time, a luminous arch serves as an architectural focal point. The vaulted ceiling becomes a canvas for visual artist Matthias Kiss, who skillfully painted a trompe l’oeil clouded sky, inviting the outdoors in. The ambiance is glamorous and theatrical, boosted by opulent gold-leaf accents and sumptuous red velvet curtains.

The Art Deco aesthetic makes the Mistinguett restaurant more than an ordinary space. It is a true journey into luxury, glamour, and meaningful narrative – an extraordinary spot where it´s possible to travel in time and imagine the golden days of the 1920s glamour – while enjoying the classic French cuisine by Chef Etienne Daviaus, signature drinks, and animated entertainment.

Art Deco Glamour – Shop the Look

The Art Deco aesthetic is a beautiful way to bring the best of the 1920s glamour. Inspired by the marvelous interior of the Mistinguett Restaurant., we have carefully selected luxury furniture pieces from the HOMMÉS Studio collection that will help you embrace the best of this aesthetic in your interior design project. Check it out:

Our journey through the enchanting Mistinguett Restaurant in Paris was a captivating exploration filled with glamorous revelations. From lavish details to stunning furniture, we have discovered the power of the Art Deco Aesthetic to infuse interiors with meanings and history.

We hope you have enjoyed this journey in this rich interior design style and sumptuous restaurant. For more interior design inspirations, check out the Top Residential Projects by HOMMÉS Studio with exquisite interiors created by leading interior designers with our unique furniture collection.

art deco style furniture, mirror withe marble detaills and wall sconce

Source: Yatzer | Mistinguett Paris – Photos: DePasquale+Maffini.

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