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Your are reading: Presenting International Design Talents – 1stDibs 50 Of 2021
Presenting International Design Talents – 1stDibs 50 Of 2021 - Hommes Studio

Presenting International Design Talents – 1stDibs 50 Of 2021

The fourth annual iteration of the 1stDibs 50 commemorates astonishing creative achievements by exceptional international design talent.

Whether freshly launched or decades ago, their careers were built on their remarkable ability to create rooms that are not simply photogenic but richly textured, unusually comfortable, and intelligently curated.

What a year. These three short words are always loaded with meaning, considering the difficult months the world has been experiencing. Nevertheless, having stayed at home, not a bad thing at all. This time has shown us some important life lessons. Among them that our homes matter and that beauty is an added value to life. Perhaps more than anything else, we have realized that we are lucky enough to surround ourselves with rich objects in craftsmanship, character, memories, and originality.

Amber Interiors

From large-scale remodels to a simple, quick makeover, the design team at Amber Interiors will expertly reflect your taste and style.

Amber Lewis wants to put clients at ease,  deploying natural materials, breezy Belgian linen, comfortably weathered woods, and ethnic fabrics. All redolent with texture and set against pristine white walls.


Established in 2008, ASHE LEANDRO is one of 1stDibs 50. He is an architecture and interior design practice located in New York City. Referencing art, design, and culture, they manage to blend natural materials, textures, and patterns to create refined curated spaces. Their designs are decidedly contemporary and inspired yet honor the past with polished, timeless energy.

Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro have cultivated a celebrity clientele through interiors that trade on organic minimalism. Lots of wood frequently warm monochromatic palettes, achieving something approachable yet august.

Bunny Williams Interior Design

A living 1stDibs 50 legend, Williams and her design partner, Elizabeth Lawrence, value classical proportion and balance, always opting – however, rarefied the project – for easy elegance over extravagance.

Renowned for balancing refined beauty with welcoming livable appeal, the firm is widely recognized and championed as an industry leader.

Casa Muñoz

Founded in 2014 by Mafalda Muñoz and Gonzalo Machado. The studio specializes in residential work, hotels, restoration projects, and furniture design. Their approach to projects gives a complete vision of the different disciplines involved in the process, from sketch to construction.

Handworked natural materials and finishes paired with sculptural silhouettes are the firm’s refined organic chic building blocks.

Chris Shao Studio LLC

Chris Shao Studio LLC started its design journey in 2017 and is credited with bringing a refreshing nuance to the Interior Design scene. The studio’s designs are imbued with natural and eclectic ambiance.

This wunderkind tells stories through the use of specially commissioned art and custom furnishings, as well as intriguing juxtapositions that feel like private conversations on which you want to eavesdrop.

Clive Lonstein, Inc.

Founded over five years ago, Clive Lonstein’s design studio comprises experienced and creative design professionals. Clive Lonstein believes that quality and collaboration should guide principles through every stage of the design process.

Lonstein’s highly disciplined brand of sophistication is luxurious, meticulously edited, and tailored to a tee.

Damon Liss Design

Damon Liss Design is a nationally recognized interior design studio that combines the warmth, integrity, and accessibility of a local atelier with the level of talent, artistry, and material resources available.

A mid-century furniture aficionado with an elegant feel for neutral palettes, Liss tones down those sleek, tapered silhouettes with contemporary handcrafted pieces that impart earthy élan to his interiors.

Darryl Carter, Inc.

Darryl Carter is known for the airy, uncluttered classicism he deposits in all his designs. Carter also uses luminous colors that exude the evocative perfection of a tone poem.

David Kleinberg Design Associates

David Kleinberg Design Associates has been an internationally recognized leader in full-service interior design and architectural renovation for twenty years. A signature DKDA interior heralds a careful selection of furniture, art, objects, and materials. These elements are intricately blended to support rather than outshine one another, resulting in rooms that are at once modern and timeless in sensibility and quality.

He has honed a uniquely modernist sensibility that consistently intriguing textural and period mixes, stunning contemporary art, and a flair for architectural detail.

Fabrizio Casiraghi

He redefines free modernity that is not opposed to the past but rather incorporates historical references, a discrete ambiance, and a taste for the intimate while also being daring with bold combinations and the imaginative use of light and space.

The firm excels at idiosyncratic period mixing and unconventional color combinations deployed with a light hand and breezy mid-century charm.

Fawn Galli Interiors

Renowned for her masterful use of color and texture, Fawn brings a fresh eye and modern approach to every project. With a nod to the past and a focus firmly tuned to today, she creates inspired interiors that meld the traditional and the contemporary.

Galli vivifies interiors with colorful palettes, unabashed pattern mixing and a mischievous, witty sense of invention.

Fern Santini

Fern Santini designs one-of-a-kind residences for a diverse group of clients across the U.S. The style of each home she helps create is driven by the unique site, the architectural style and her client’s vision.

Whether creating traditional or modern spaces, the versatile designer indulges her irreverent streak and cannot resist the surprise of a quirky little genre-bending.


FORMarch is a full-service Architecture and Interior design studio. They have a passion for residential design and architecture, drawing from a vast understanding of many sensibilities and their inherent locational influences, with a unique ability to listen and express our client’s thoughts in built form.

Irakli Zaria Interiors

This Moscow-based designer has an affinity for curvaceous forms and European 1920s and ’30s furniture. He also has a taste for highly dramatic touches that are tempered with soothing palettes.

Jeremiah Brent

Jeremiah’s love of artistry and interiors was first cultivated with furniture design. Above all else, Jeremiah curates his clients’ homes to reflect their journeys and demonstrates that successful interior design is a personal reflection of one’s past, present, and future.

While the palette is pretty consistent — white, black, and the conversation distinguishes browns from caramel to espresso — each Jeremiah Brent project among its particular sculptural furnishings and unique moments of take-your-breath-away drama.

Ken Fulk

He is renowned for his layered interiors, high-concept brand identities, and unforgettable parties. Fulk’s interiors are always driven by narrative, which usually translates into rooms that summon visions of more romantic eras and a certain bygone sumptuousness achieved through saturated palettes and layered detail.

Kerry Joyce Associates

Celebrated for their interiors and architecture, Los Angeles-based firm Kerry Joyce Associates embodies a passion for timeless design and flawless execution.

No matter what style Joyce masterfully tackles, his vision’s incomparable thoroughness and clarity make every room feel emblematic.

Laura Hodges Studio

Laura Hodges Studio focuses on creating beautiful, tailored spaces while fully expressing every client’s style and taste. Hodges is known for comfortable, approachable interiors, sustainably designed, that balance color and light and are punctuated with global touches.

Leyden Lewis Design Studio

Leyden Lewis Design Studio is a 1stDibs 50 Brooklyn-based firm that has created poetic and culturally sensitive spaces and furniture in the United States and around the world over the last thirty years. 

Lewis’s highly functional projects spark stimulating dialogues among thoughtfully selected architectural forms, modernist furnishings, and bold contemporary art.

Lindroth Design Co.

Amanda Lindroth is known for evoking Addison Mizner–era Caribbean sophistication — export porcelain, green trellis wall applications and a stuffed peacock or two —  tempered with a contemporary lightness.

She focused on breezy sophistication and deep layers of texture and color throughout her work – the hallmarks of inviting spaces to host family and friends.

M Interiors

Even in modern interiors, firm founder Melissa Morgan grounds environments in precedent, prizing the patina of earthy — versus gilded and overworked — antiques.

Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart is a leading member of the Los Angeles design community whose wide-ranging clientele comes from the entertainment industry and the world of business and finance.

Her projects reflect a collaborative relationship between architecture and furniture, function and form, client and designer.


With their chiaroscuro play of light and shadow and a soulfulness derived from the patina of antiques and artifacts evoking a kind of archeology of memory, McALPINE rooms feel romantically suspended in time. McALPINE has the enhanced power of creativity that comes from combining forces.

Melanie Raines

She has earned a reputation for bold and spirited design, honed by the world of boutique hotels and restaurants and refined by over a decade of experience as an architect. Raines has the uncanny ability to communicate volumes with a few bold strokes while also conveying a sexy intimacy.

Michael S. Smith Inc.

Launched in 1990, Michael S Smith Inc. has flourished under the visionary leadership of Michael S. Smith. Distinguished by a deep respect for tradition filtered through a modern lens, the Michael S Smith ethos is more of a perspective than a definable style.

From chalet to a cabana, country house to White House, Michael S. Smith’s historically grounded touch and relaxed California attitude lends every project a sense of gravitas and graciousness.

Michelle Gerson Interiors

Modern, eclectic design is the signature look of Michelle Gerson Interiors.  Luxurious furnishings designed for the eye and built for comfort, coupled with deco and mid-century elements, are the keys to her aesthetic.

Through threads to this designer’s client-centered approach, they are fond of curves, bold yet judiciously deployed patterns and a sense of couture.

Nate Berkus Associates

Nate Berkus Associates designs acclaimed and livable interiors across the country and around the world.

Low-key, judiciously employed glamour — a crystal chandelier, an elaborately tufted custom sectional, an antique breakfront — elevates interiors whose vibe is essentially light and livable, telegraphing elegance and ease in equal measure.

Neal Beckstedt Studio

Neal Beckstedt Studio is one of 1stDibs 50. It is a boutique architecture and interior design firm offering comprehensive services for residential and commercial clients. For each project, the studio creates uniquely modern spaces that are infused with warmth and ease.

This designer’s brand balances contemporary and antique, comfort and high sophistication, monochromatic, and color to create something timeless every time.


NICOLEHOLLIS conceives timeless interiors that elevate the human spirit. The 1stDibs 50 studio offers a holistic approach to the art of living through residential, hospitality, and product design.

Hollis’s interiors are studies in contrasts – most specifically of black and white but also of angular and curvaceous, dark and light – where a wealth of wood mediates between opposites, and an occasional flash of glamour adds a dash of panache.

Nina Farmer Interiors

Nina Farmer’s design philosophy is rooted in a classical sensibility with a mixture of furniture and accessories from different periods. Each project is unique and tailored to fit an individual client’s needs and aesthetic.

A deep respect for historic architecture, colorful yet natural palettes, and a carefully calibrated balance of vintage and contemporary make this designer’s rooms always feel appropriate to place.

Ohara Davies-Gaetano Interiors

Soothing neutral palettes serve as a backdrop for irresistibly touchable textural mixes and ever-changing gradations and movements of natural light.

Peter Mikic Interiors

Peter Mikic is a London-based 1stDibs 50 interior designer, originally from Melbourne, Australia, who moved to London in 1990. Peter has a passion for sourcing antiques from various periods and countries, but he has also designed his range of bespoke furniture.

Mikic’s interiors exude a discreet extravagance — their jewel-toned palettes, eccentric moments, and luxurious materials stabilized by simple, classically modern forms and a perfect sense of proportion.

Rachel Chudley

Rachel is known for creating interiors with different use of color and texture. At odds with formalized style, her work reflects its environment and inhabitants, quirks, passions, and humor.

Chudley’s distinctive aesthetic conveys artsy boho chic with a dramatic flair, consistently exuding a self-expressive sensibility and eliciting an emotional response.

Rafael de Cárdenas, Ltd.

Rafaeldecardenas is an interdisciplinary practice in design and creative direction based in new york since 2006. Cárdenas’s “just enough” style is reliably intriguing, thanks to a subtle tension between opposites: contrasting colors, lightness versus weight, classic versus modern, softness versus angularity.

Redd Kaihoi

He is known for his quirky brand of cozy glamour. His unique aesthetic vision is characterized by playful mélanges of high and low, invigorated with whimsical splashes of color and modern gestures.

Miles Redd’s glamorous, carefully modulated flamboyance combines with David Kaihoi’s artist’s eye to produce highly imaginative rooms that never bore and where neutral is a bad word.

Robert Couturier Inc.

Accustomed to working on a grand scale, Couturier spices his extensive knowledge of historical Continental styles with wit and effortless élan, making every project feel chic, regardless of its size.

Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group is an interdisciplinary firm that emphasizes innovation and thought leadership in every project. It is encompassing sweeping conceptual dares, specially developed materials, theatrical lighting effects, and moody palettes. Any project — whether residential or hospitality — is a production when David Rockwell is on the scene.

Romanek Design Studio

Romanek Design Studio presents fresh, exciting design concepts for the most discerning clients. They pride themselves on innovating in a wide range of styles.

The studio team has the creativity, passion for detail, and global resources to help you achieve the space of your dreams.

S.R. Gambrel

Steven Gambrel is the founder and president of S.R. Gambrel, Inc., an influential interior design firm specializing in residential and commercial commissions and custom products and furnishings.

A soulful amalgam of styles, as well as gorgeous handcrafted finishes on walls, floors, ceilings, and custom furnishings, makes every Steven Gambrel space feel luscious and rich.

Sean Leffers Interiors

Their work embraces layers, textiles, and materiality to create spaces with warmth, vitality, and sophistication. Sean Leffers Interiors is based in California and operates globally, with projects across regions, styles, and uses.

Leffers layers his interiors with upholstered comfort, handcrafted surfaces and furniture, and ethnic art and fabrics, conjuring environments that are as relaxed as a surf shack or a cool bachelor pad.

Shawn Henderson Interior Design

Although the elements of Henderson’s style are consistent — unfussy, clean forms, artisanal integrity, and natural materials — he deploys them in strikingly individualistic ways that fit each client like a glove.

Sheila Bridges Design

Sheila’s passion for interiors inspired her to design furniture and home furnishings under Sheila Bridges Home, Inc. Bridges is a modern classicist who brings new awareness to her interiors through unexpected color combinations, global touches and an eloquent, subtly provocative spirit manifested in her choices of art and decorative objects.


Led by Lee F. Mindel, SheltonMindel is about classic modernism, deploying orthogonal lines, ample glass and, above all, light. He also use the entire spectrum of white to amplify that light and record its moods and movement through interior rooms.

The firm provides complete architectural, interiors, and product design services for corporate, cultural, academic, retail, recreational, hospitality, and residential clients under the sustaining leadership of Lee F. Mindel.

Solís Betancourt & Sherrill

Since its founding in 1990, Solis Betancourt and Sherrill have gained international recognition as one of the leading American design firms.

José Solís Betancourt and Paul Morgan Sherrill are “anti-stuffy” traditionalists, eloquently referencing historical styles but expressing them with a light modern hand that insists on comfort.

Studio Shamshiri

This studio, run by Pamela and Ramin Shamshiri, takes a highly individualized approach to projects. However, they all display a passion for quality archetypal furnishings and sustainability that makes each iconic in its own right.

Studio Shamshiri is a multidisciplinary design firm. They are driven by experience, narrative, and the belief that thoughtful design can lead to living life to its fullest.

Summer Thornton Design

Summer Thornton is one of 1stDibs 50. She is known for fearlessly bold and colorful interiors that give homes life. Thornton likes her historicism with a zing, whether lilac curtains in a restrained dining room or turquoise lacquer walls in a living room, a graphic tiger print on a Louis bergère, or Middle Eastern patterns in a lake house.

Suzy Hoodless

Suzy Hoodless established her studio in 2000 since it is grown into one of Britain’s most exciting design brands. She is known for characterful, timeless spaces that mix color and texture, modern and vintage.

With a playful, mood-elevating sense of color, Hoodless creates bright open spaces that beckon the client to relax amid their lively mix of periods, which feels crisp and just right rather than cluttered and contrived.

Thad Hayes

Thad Hayes, Inc. is a 1stDibs 50 New York-based Interior Design practice that focuses on incorporating History, Craft, Culture, and Concept into spaces that reflect the way we live today. 

Hayes is famous for an impeccably clean aesthetic built on simple contemporary furniture silhouettes and a color-blocking approach to walls and upholstery that together create a stimulating setting for dialogue among carefully considered antiques.

Wendy Labrum Interiors

Wendy Labrum is a 1stDibs 50 Chicago-based interior designer. Her focus is on creating spaces that evoke timelessness by combining elements from various periods – a way of learning from the past with a view towards the future.

Labrum’s fondness for layered architectural envelopes and large-scale patterns, combined with her deft hand at mixing design genres and touches of mellow sheen, yields environments that are always comfy, classic, and warm.

Wesley Moon Inc.

Wesley Moon is a 1stDibs 50 New York-based interior designer specializing in exceptional residential projects.

With an eye for detail and the ability to curate from all periods of design, Wesley’s interiors reflect a balance of contemporary and eclectic pieces, as well as a color palette and materials that exemplify both comfort and intrigue. The result is a unique space that is timeless, elegant, and reflects each client’s taste and Wesley’s expertise.

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