Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble in London


Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble, in London, filled with art and emotions, involves us in a captivating, mysterious and unique journey.

Considering London a city full of architecture in all its forms and styles, where the concepts of old and new merge perfectly, Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble fits exactly as it should in this environment.

Viktor Udzenija, born in Serbia and raised in Prague, is a prestigious architect and interior designer, who graduated from the Technical University of Munich in Germany and started his career at Foster+Partners in London, later moving to Dubai.
With projects with a clear sense of proportion, functionality and sustainability, whether in architecture or interior design, a great example of these influences is precisely this Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble.
With a studio in Dubai, he expands his name in 2020 to Europe, more precisely to Prague.

There is a great particularity between Udzenija and London, both share a journey full of cultures and different influences, which converge and are perfectly verified in this Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble property.

This Udzenija´s pied-à-terre full of marble is a 3,000 square foot residence overlooking Cadigan Square in west London.
A weekend home for an art collector’s. The ample space offers the necessary conditions for audacious choices.

As a property full of history, Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble have the original, slightly old floor plan, with the basic features of an antique building. Small rooms separated by wooden doors. Despite being antique, the property had many positive aspects that even a modernist like Udzenija could appreciate, who made sure to maintain the historical relationship between the house and the city of London.

With this entryway in Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble, its expected an undulation of marble along the walls, to resemble moving curtains. Reminding us of Versailles, we can observe a black lacquered floor. At the end of the foyer we can contemplate an elegant and eye-catching sculpture by Damien Hirst.

Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble living – room plays with textures, where the presence of both linear and textured architectural elements is noticeable.
Udzenija by directing the wavy surface towards the fireplace intends to transmit the idea that the fire is melting the table, as if in a space full of cold marble, we get a feeling of warmth.
Pieces of art by George Condo, Günther Förg and Farhad Moshiri are also featured throughout the living – room of Udzenija´s pied-à-terre full of marble.

In this view of the Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble dining – room, we can see the presence of another entryway with marble, where Udzenija aims to create an emotional journey that perfectly combines old and new features, leading to the existing contrast of the city.

The Tower Dining Table by Hommés Studio would be a perfect choice for this space, giving it a more luxurious and elegant feel.

Tower Dining Tableby Hommés Studio
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The Grand Antique powder room in the Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble reflects the use of marble and a veneered mirror that is intended to create an evident optical illusion, involving anyone who looks in an endless space. Udzenija combined dark and high-gloss tones, giving it a sophisticated and mysterious look.


With the kitchen in Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble it is intended to convey the gradient effect of the house, where the tones are progressing from the ceiling to the floor. “It’s like an ice cave” says Udzenija. Transmitting an idea of cold.

In this Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble kitchen, the Cher Suspension Lamp would be a very good option, giving it an artistic and unique feature.

Cher Suspension Lamp by Hommés Studio
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Arctic inspiration and the use of marble are still visible in this lounge at the Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble.
Why not take a look at the Lunarys Sofa by Hommés Studio, it would add a different feel to the space.

Lunarys Sofa by Hommés Studio
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The presence of rosso marble in this Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble bathroom along with the clean architectural lines makes it more manageable.

Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble bedroom, with marble features, culminates in an emotional journey through the dark brown and rich black tones of the room. Artwork with strong themes by Monica Bonvicci, Glenn Ligon and Rachid Johnson surrounding the room.
Flagstones with black and pink marble presence for the purpose of being door frames provide an example for Girette’s hand-painted walls, is an evident characteristic in Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble residence.

Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble is full of artworks, with an evident presence of classic and contemporary style.

In this bedroom there are several seating areas. The Moa Stool by Hommés Studio would fit perfectly in environments like this one.

Just like the city where it is located, the big city of London, this Udzenija’s pied-à-terre full of marble does not go unnoticed.

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