The Mid-Century Modern Decor of Ellen Pompeo’s Malibu Beach House


Mid-century modern decor is known for its elegant combination of geometric lines, natural materials, large spaces, and lots of natural lighting. 

In the beach house of Ellen Pompeu, the actress who played the main character in Greys Anatomy for 20 years, style and functionality come first. Take a closer look at the details of the mid-century modern decor of Ellen Pompeo’s Malibu beach house.

Mid-Century Modern Decor of Ellen Pompeo's Malibu Beach House

Regardless of the design, Pompeo’s main focus is on adding traits of his personality to his beach house. Originally built in 1979, the house is of modest size – it is currently about 3,000 square feet – and is far from looking like another one of the movie star mansions. The beach house, which is always full of guests and friends of the couple, was designed precisely to be an intimate and cozy refuge. 

The actress who played Meredith Grey, known for her strong personality, used many of the references from recent years to work on the design of the house with her personal friend and “partner in crime,” interior designer Martyn Lawerence Bullard. Considering the chosen style, mid-century modern decor, the rooms are large and feature a lot of glass, cement, leather and stone coverings. Thus, it was necessary that other details of the decoration were combined in a softer way. So, to keep the mid-century modern decor furniture without losing all the elegance of the style, they used a lot of warm textures, wicker, wood, and natural elements.

The Interior Design Style Of The Rooms

The mid-century modern decor can already be seen in the living room, with some iconic furniture and textures of the style. The sofa, for example, is from the 60’s and has a very unusual patchwork leather, which guided the decoration of the other elements in the room. The choice of the walls in Black Agatha marble, a luxurious Brazilian stone rich in veins, makes the room dramatic and even more elegant. 

To complete, as the star of the room – and one of the pieces of furniture most used by the actress – is the bar cart, which besides being a super eye-catching piece, helps to give the “mid-century modern decor” vibe

Mid-Century Modern Decor of Ellen Pompeo's Malibu Beach House

With a proposal of open environments, the living room integrates perfectly with the dining area thanks to the continuity of patterns, materials, colors, and decoration styles. At the main dining table, where the children eat their meals and enjoy their free time, you can find a beautiful dining table (officially a cutting table) complemented by two upholstered side benches and a pair of Swedish chairs from the 60s.  

In the kitchen, where the star likes to spend time with family and friends, there are also rules: because it is small (considering the other spaces in the house), while Pompeo is practicing her “art”, everyone must leave the space free for her, waiting to be seated on the beautiful set of upholstered bar chairs in turquoise, behind the main countertop. Again, the use of the book-matched marble not only helps to give the idea of continuity and integration between the spaces, but also creates a relaxing environment where the stone patterns sort of reminds of the waves in ocean.

Mid-Century Modern Decor of Ellen Pompeo's Malibu Beach House

In the so-called “formal dining room”, the space dedicated to adults includes a stunning 8-seat round dining table with a revolving center and a sea view you can’t miss. To complete the decoration, a majestic chandelier in modern style follows the shape of the table while illuminating the view. 

Mid-Century Modern Decor of Ellen Pompeo's Malibu Beach House

Mid-century Modern Decor In Bedrooms 

In the master suite, materials such as marble, metal, and textures continue to be part of the decor in the mid-century modern decor style. For example, the marble used on the main wall was inspired by the movie “I Am Love”, revealing the actress. 

Besides the extra comfort, the couple’s bed was customized so that good moment could be shared as a family. The size (extra large) was strategically designed so that the three children could sleep with the couple on weekends, or even watch movies. The mid-century modern decor features clean lines, a fusion of organic and manmade materials, and retro style. Thinking of that, some accessories were chosen to complete the decoration style, among them the canopy for the bed in black, a charming bench at the end of the bed to enjoy the heat of the fireplace and a beautiful set of table lamp to contrast. The textures can also be seen in the choice of carpet (which covers almost the entire floor of the room).

Mid-Century Modern Decor of Ellen Pompeo's Malibu Beach House

For the children’s room, once again the natural light from the large windows adds charm to the room. A set of bunk beds with drawers occupy one of the walls while the space is completed by game tables and interactive games. Here, the highlight of the interior designer’s work was the ceiling, which features geometric, colorful, and textured wallpaper. Everything the mid-century modern decor asks for. 

It is in the two guest bedrooms that Pompeo displays all the elegance of the mid-century modern decor design choice. The first bedroom, which features a double bed with a padded headboard and two side tables that are very reminiscent of Memphis style, is photography themed. They all depict important and successful moments in the history of black people, such as Diana Ross, Marthin Luther King, and the Grammy-winning suscesso trio, “The Supreme.” 

The second guest room was designed with a more tropical theme and has stunning wallpaper in shades of green and blue that fill out the entire look. To accentuate the colors, the finish chosen for the closet doors was lacquer. The color contrast was in the choice of the earthy tones of the wood on the bedside tables and the headboard of the bed, in a kind of raw leather.

Mid-Century Modern Decor of Ellen Pompeo's Malibu Beach House
Mid-Century Modern Decor of Ellen Pompeo's Malibu Beach House

Despite its incredible interior, Ellen Pompeo’s mid-century modern house is even cozier on the outside. The highlight of the outdoor area is a large fireplace in the back of the house, perfect for a coffee in the morning or a drink in the evening. And, considering all the inclement California weather, the choice of outdoor furniture was also carefully thought out. In the pool area the highlight is the choice of daybeds to enjoy the summer days and the set of benches in a makeshift bar. Everything in Ellen Pompeo’s summer house was designed for the maximum comfort of family and friends.

Mid-Century Modern Decor of Ellen Pompeo's Malibu Beach House

Are you inspired by the mid-century decor of Ellen Pompeo’s Malibu Beach house? This style of design is not only beautiful, it is also one of the most popular in the world of celebrities! If you want to know how to use this style in your environment like a true professional, then be sure to check out our exclusive article 5 Mid-Century Modern Decor Interior Design Projects To Inspire You

Source and photos: Architectural Digest 


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