A California Home by Katie Hodges Filled With Natural Light, Soft and Elegant Lines


Contrasting concepts and styles, and conjugating neutral and intense tones, in this California home by Katie Hodges we meet a space full of natural light that boasts a calm and interesting ambiance.

Hodges, an American interior designer, projects her spaces filled with intelligence and elegance, cosiness and softness, as it can be confirmed in this California home by Katie Hodges.

Combining styles and furniture pieces, at this California home by Katie Hodges, we notice a certain preference for the use of textures, in an environment full of light, sophistication and luxury.

This California home by Katie Hodges, purchased with the purpose of totally renovating its interior, belongs to the Shapiros, a couple with fine taste and power.

Tammi Shapiro, a handbag designer, and her husband Alan, who owns a construction company, were also in the real estate business. 

They bought a residence in Pacific Palisades and with the aim of turning the property into a family and leisure space, along with the brilliant mind of Hodges, the house was transformed into a modern and welcoming home.

With a clear influence on global design and Hodges’ tasteful advice, the couple diverted their sense for a more contemporary style. Full of textural, warm and organic elements, this California home by Katie Hodges reflects perfectly the designer dynamic. 

A habitable yet sophisticated and extremely well thought out home.

What better way than to combine some of Hommés Studio’s pieces in this California home by Katie Hodges. The Kongo Armchair will be an excellent choice, with simple lines, but still elegant and luxurious. The Cocoon Explosion Suspension Lamp is the best way to give the area a unique and attractive look. Combining with the Ach Collection decor products, this California home by Katie Hodges will be a must.

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With the interior incumbent in influences and the exterior filled with california sunlight, this California home by Katie Hodges is a warm space in eggshell, where we can verify a calmness, gentleness and accreted tenacity.

The Lisola Armchair in Cream by Hommés Studio will be the perfect choice for an interior like this one. With tenuous and refined lines, it fits perfectly in this California home by Katie Hodges.

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With furniture that invests in curved and voluminous forms, in this living – room at this California home by Katie Hodges we can see a sofa that describes this kind of furniture in its best way.

And what about the Lunarys Sofa by Hommés Studio, with a glamorous aesthetic look? It won’t go unnoticed.

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In this dining – room full of natural light, we can notice the presence of neutral and darker tones, emphasizing the presence of contrasts, a typical feature in this California home by Katie Hodges.

The Camou Sideboard by Hommés Studio is a very trendy piece of furniture that offers a luxurious style to any modern interior like this dining – room at this California home by Katie Hodges.

Contrasting with this sideboard we have the Tower Dining Table that with some gold details gives a refined and classy feel to this dining – room at this California home by Katie Hodges.

Completing this California home by Katie Hodges dining – room look with the Leafus Suspension Lamp, which is not only eye-catching, but also a unique lamp providing the finishing touch required for any environment like this one.

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In addition to a space like this, and giving it a more exquisite touch, we have the Cocoon Pendant Lamp, giving a high – end to this California home by Katie Hodges.

The Everest Mirror will give to this spacious and simplistic bathroom at this California home by Katie Hodges, which relies on neutral and soft tones, a touch of luxury with gold highlights and a contrast in this light hue.

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A space that conveys both serenity and elegance, in this California home by Katie Hodges bedroom would stand out perfectly the Kara Bed by Hommés Studio, the perfect piece for a luxurious yet simplistic look.

Completing the bedroom at this California home by Katie Hodges, the Lunarys Large Side Table, a travertine stone design piece, a must have for a unique place.

Although this California home by Katie Hodges is a space full of natural light, there will be the need to add some light at later hours, and nothing better than the Luminous Pendant Lamp, a simple yet sophisticated piece.

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A space full of arches and mirrors contrasting with simple but elegant lines, where we verify the balance between masculine and feminine, this California home by Katie Hodges is a complete and different way of combining contrasts and tones.

Adding pieces full of good vibes and excellent sense of decor, like the ones from the Ach Collection, will be a must in spaces like this.

With a focus on barely there but monumental art, french vintage furniture and works of the famous Brazilian Sergio Rodrigues, allow this same idea to be passed. Elegant plants reinforce the natural feature of the interior of the house.

This California home by Katie Hodges is a perfect combination between simplicity and sophistication.


If so, discover modern furniture and lighting designed by design lovers for design lovers. All you need is to download the Hommés Studio catalog. To complete your interior design project, choose the high-end homeware by ACH Collection.


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