Designer Lucinda Loya Brings A Feminine Touch To Maya Henry Apartment


When Texas-based designer Lucinda Loya set out to transform a cold, corporate apartment in London for rising model Maya Henry, there was one thing that sold her in the project: a pair of chairs.

Maya Henry in her apartment had a blush fringe chair, and for the designer, it is not every day that she has to make a total ‘female power’ approach to the interiors.

London Apartment

The pillow is by Gucci, and the artwork is by Joe Mancuso. 

A single mother raised Lucinda Loya in a small town, and her beginnings were humble. She searched for a creative outlet and had a natural knack for interiors, so her first dollar earned in this industry came when newlywed friends purchased their first home and needed help with the decor.

Lucinda Loya firm believes that art and design are something to be experienced, not just admired. She loves expressing an artistic edge through texture, pattern, contrast, and splashes of color.

London Apartment

Designer Lucinda Loya

Loya had only one month to complete the project, so she decided to emphasize adding color and personality to the space instead of starting from scratch.

London Apartment

In the entryway, the bench is from West Elm and is topped with Made pillows. The rug and pink lamp are also from Made. The dresser is by Dwell, and the artwork is by Robert Kelly.

Having previously worked with Henry’s family in Texas and New York, Loya had a strong foundation for complete creative freedom. Maya has a large Instagram following and dates a high-profile musician, former One Direction singer Liam Payne, so the designer decided that the pops of color are perfect for a young romance.

London Apartment

Follow: @maya_henry

The designer’s approach to dynamic interior healing includes mixing the expected with the unexpected. Also, she believes that the sense of humor serves well in decoration. This is because it adds charm and individuality to the composition, even in the smallest places.

Mixing high-quality art with conscious budget pieces can also help apply a twist to classic aesthetics.

London Apartment

The rug is by the Rug Company, the nesting tables and lamps are from Made, the sofa and pink fringe chairs are by Munna, the gold lamps are from Dwell, and the gold “C” table is from Harrods. 

This chic two-bedroom Mayfair is the London base for the Maya Henry model. Loya wanted to bring a young, fresh, and feminine approach to the apartment. Moreover, the upstairs study was transformed into a closet to accommodate this young fashionista’s growing closet and accessories.

London Apartment

The nightstand is by Oliver Bonas, the custom lamps are by Liz Marsh Designs, the dresser is from West Elm, and the artwork is from Dwell.

The designer always starts each project paying attention to classic lines and then infuses the space with femininity and a touch of style. Additionally, the firm likes to provide a fun and bold design for a career woman.

London Apartment

The vanity is from Dwell, the lamps are from Made. Additionally, the artwork is by Alec Monopoly.

London Apartment

Most of the art is from the private art collection of the Maya family. Therefore, together they selected pieces that would complement the initial project.

London Apartment

The dining chairs are from Made, the rug is by the Rug Compan. Also, the chandelier is from Roll and Hill, and the artwork is by Nelson De La Nuez.

The most visible obstacle to complete this project was time. The designer had about a month. It was a pre-furnished business apartment with parts that did not work or please the client.

London Apartment

Nonetheless, the project looked just like Lucinda Loya had conceived. An elegant and feminine apartment for the Maya Henry model.

London Apartment

The bar cart is from Harrods, the small artworks are by Andrea Bianconi, and the rug is from Made. 

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