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Is Travertine Stone The biggest Interior Design Trend? - Hommes Studio

Is Travertine Stone The biggest Interior Design Trend?

How to arrange your interior in a luxurious, unique way, using easily accessible materials? Travertine Stone is the ultimate answer. Interior designers are very keen to use travertine, which changes the interior and fits different styles. This natural stone will become a great material for both cozy apartments and modern or even lofty interiors. Check out how to implement one of the hottest interior design trends into your interiors.

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Travertine is a porous limestone sedimentary rock, known already to the ancient Romans. It is formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate from freshwater, especially from hot springs. Its largest deposits are located near Tivoli in Italy, Yellowstone Park in the USA, and Pamukkale in Turkey. Travertine is the second most popular stone used in architecture and interior design after marble.

travertine stone

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Because of its highly porous nature, travertine stone is lighter than marble.
At the same time, this material is very durable and resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage.

Thanks to its natural, neutral color palette, travertine is also timeless, perfectly matching interiors decorated in different styles. Travertine’s color range is impressive. This natural stone, depending on where the rock is mined, can range from cream and light beige, through yellow and brown, to orange and red.

Individual products made from natural travertine, even if they come from a single batch, may differ slightly in shade and pattern. The color of the final product depends highly on many factors, such as temperature, age of the stone, and natural impacts, such as sand, salt, or dead plants.

Like any natural stone, it’s a durable material that won’t burn, go rusty, rot, or change color. Travertine is also frost resistant, which makes it a perfect material for outdoor areas such as patios or swimming pools.


The use of travertine is very wide. This natural stone can be used to finish the bathroom, flooring, stairs, columns, fireplace cladding and even to plaster the walls.

Especially travertine tiles have become popular around the world. The natural colors of the earth, elegance, and good quality – that’s what makes them a good choice. Travertine tiles are durable, resistant, and easy to clean.
Floorgrass is a good solution for both interiors and terraces – it is a material resistant to frost and changeable weather conditions.

Travertine stone

travertine stone

A really good choice that will add elegance to our interior is to put travertine tiles on the walls. It’s a combination of elegance, luxury and functionality.

Apart from tiles and flooring, travertine furniture also makes a really great impression. A beautiful, stone-made center table in the living room or a console in the hallway will catch the eye of every visitor.

lunarys center table for contemporary living room


Travertine is a material that must be properly protected. It is easy to process, but it is also susceptible to scratches and it’s not resistant to chemicals. Only impregnation makes it durable and long-lasting.

When it comes to using this stone in the kitchen, kitchen worktops made of this material must be properly filled and polished. Travertine as a kitchen material has many drawbacks – it is very porous and absorbent, which makes it dirty and chemical resistant.

Despite its drawbacks, the beauty of travertine, its naturalness, and its uniqueness makes it worth using. Let’s remember that finding two identical travertine tiles is impossible – nature creates nothing twice!

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