Inception: Memphis Design Museum of Memphis Furniture


Ya Space!, the Memphis design museum of Memphis furniture is located in Hangzhou, China. Li Wenqiang of PIG DESIGN is the author of this project, which is home to authentic Memphis furniture.

Memphis Design Museum of Memphis Furniture
Shao Feng

The inspiration to Li Wenqiang is the design and architecture movement founded in Italy in the 80s. As result, Li Wenqiang reproduced a lot of Memphis movement aesthetics. Namely arcs, geometrical shapes and, vivid colors.

Museum of Memphis Furniture in Hangzhou, China
Shao Feng

Detail of Geometrical Shapes at Museum of Memphis Furniture
Shao Feng
Detail of Geometrical Shapes at Museum of Memphis Furniture
Shao Feng

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Detail of Geometrical Shapes at Museum of Memphis Furniture

Detail of Geometrical Shapes at Museum of Memphis Furniture

Using several geometrical elements, Li Wenqiang creates a playful space. Ya Space! is an interactive building based on the “view frame” concept. With so many forms, the space often changes according to visitors’ point of view. In order to give a tridimensional sensation, the floor and the geometrical features have the same finish, like if those struxtures are emerging from the floor. To visitors, this is a sensory experience. In this space, people are abducted by the Memphis design style, while staring at Memphis furniture.

Furniture Display in Between Geometrical Shapes

Entrance of the Museum designed bu Li Wenqiang

Nevertheless, Li Wenqiang wanted to reproduce a sustainable version of Memphis design style in this museum of Memphis furniture. He was very careful when choosing the materials. Not only for the inside but also for the outside of the building, which is made of stainless steel.

Stainless Steel facade of the museum

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Again, the Memphis design shapes are strongly present. Moreover, the outside of the building has a futuristic appearance. Additionally, the entrance is highlighted by a large exclamation point. It is an invitation to visitors to explore the unknown interior world. In this manner, all the visual elements constitute an “index” of the peculiar and irregular space.

Outside of Memphis Design Museum in China

The outside of the building is the inception point. As soon as we stare at it, we are abducted into the Memphis design world.

If you are thirsty for more Memphis aesthetics, this is the perfect article for you to read.


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