L’Art de Vivre – An Inspiring Haussmannian Apartment In The Heart of Paris


Discover how a Haussmannian apartment by Samantha Hauvette & Luca Madani in the heart of Paris can offer timeless elegance, modern comfort, and a unique art de vivre.

Hauvette & Madani is a Paris-based interior design duo that creates elegant and refined spaces with a mix of vintage and contemporary furniture and art. They met at the École Camondo, a prestigious design school in Paris, and founded their agency in 2010. They have worked on high-end projects in France and abroad, such as this Haussmannian apartment for an art collector in the heart of Paris.

The Haussmannian apartment is a canvas for an ever-evolving art collection, each piece carefully curated to complement the restored historic backdrop. This renovated masterpiece is a living canvas that tells a story of heritage restored, art embraced, and personal expression celebrated. The designers’ commitment to preserving the essence of the Haussmannian era while infusing it with contemporary vitality has resulted in a dwelling that transcends time: a true homage to the past and a testament to the enduring beauty of thoughtful design.

Starting with the entrance beckons with grandeur, harking back to the original Haussmannian charm. Intricate stucco work and wood moldings have been meticulously recreated to frame the doorway. The blank marble surfaces and shiny gold embellishments that once marred the space have given way to a tasteful blend of tradition and modernity. The foyer sets the tone for what lies beyond, with a subtle nod to the owner’s appreciation for fine art.

Harmony of Time: Artful Living

Moving to the living room, you feel enveloped in sophistication and warmth. The layout is thoughtfully designed to maximize space, allowing the classic Haussmannian features to shine. The intentionally left blank walls act as a gallery, providing a perfect backdrop for the vibrant and diverse art collection owned by the art collector’s resident.

The living space in this spacious and elegant Haussmannian apartment showcases the owner’s striking art collection and the original wood furniture, from the orange sofa to the rugs. Here, the interplay of heritage and contemporary artistry culminates, inviting residents and guests into a space where time-honored elegance coexists with the vibrant energy of modern expression.

The furniture is a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces, such as a straw marquetry sofa, center table, and console in the same style. A bronze and ceramic coffee table takes the center of the room, and white armchairs remind with the touch of modernism. This living room has a warm and cozy atmosphere, with natural light from the large windows and soft lighting from the ceiling lamp and the sconces. The space reflects the owner’s eclectic and sophisticated taste and the designers’ curatorial panache.

Elegant Artistry Feast

The straw marquetry theme, introduced elsewhere in this Haussmannian apartment, finds its way into the dining room, establishing a visual continuity. The enchanting pattern adorns the dining table, presenting a contemporary twist to the classic setting.

The dining space in this Haussmannian apartment is a heritage that seamlessly transitions into an inviting space for shared meals and gatherings. Cornices and wood moldings continue to grace the room, creating an atmosphere of refined elegance. The dining table, surrounded by carefully chosen furnishings and chairs, becomes a focal point, echoing the timeless charm of the era while accommodating modern comforts.

This sculptural piece becomes a conversation starter, injecting a touch of avant-garde into the formal setting. The placement of the artwork is intentional, creating a dynamic interplay between classic architectural elements and modern artistic expression.

In the dining room, the architects have masterfully blended the elegance of Haussmannian architecture with contemporary design elements. The result is a space that pays homage to its historical roots and serves as a stage for artistic expression.

Timeless Splendor: A Luxe Retreat

Even the bathroom becomes a sanctuary of elegance and luxury. Classic Haussmannian elements adorn the space, such as decorative tiles and fixtures. The blend of neutral tones and subtle patterns creates a spa-like atmosphere. The attention to detail extends to every corner, ensuring that even the most private spaces reflect the overall commitment to preserving and enhancing the heritage of the apartment.

Every detail in the bathroom is meticulously considered. From the carefully chosen mirrors that reflect and amplify the natural light to the seamless integration of modern fixtures with classic design elements, the bathroom becomes a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

In this intimate space, the designers have created a bathroom that transcends its utilitarian purpose. It becomes a sanctuary of luxury and artistic expression, where the classic meets the contemporary in a Haussmannian apartment.

Marquetry Dreams: Tranquil Haussmannian Haven

Entering the bedroom, the restoration effort continues to unfold. The Haussmannian influence is felt in the architectural details, with cornices and moldings adorning the room. The blank canvas of the walls invites personalization, allowing the art collector’s personality to shine through. The furnishings are carefully selected to complement the timeless atmosphere, creating a serene haven that seamlessly integrates the past with the present.

The color palette in the bedroom is a sophisticated blend of muted tones and subtle hues mixed with elegant green from the walls to the bed. Soft neutrals create a calming backdrop, allowing the straw marquetry headboard and the curated artwork to take center stage. The play of light and shadow on the classic architectural details adds depth to the room, enhancing its serene atmosphere.

This juxtaposition of modern and classic elements creates a unique balance, making the bedroom a haven where tradition and contemporary design coexist seamlessly in a Haussmannian apartment.

In the radiant culmination of Hauvette & Madani’s transformative work, the renovated Hussmannian apartment near Avenue Montaigne emerges as a living tapestry intricately woven with threads of historical splendor and contemporary creativity. Each room, from the grand entrance to the tranquil bedroom, reflects a harmonious blend of historical refinement and modern innovation.

This infusion of modern art into the Haussmannian framework showcases a harmonious marriage of the past and present, tradition and innovation. The straw marquetry becomes not just a design choice but a thread that ties together the diverse elements of the space, offering a contemporary narrative within the historical context. We hope you enjoyed the tour of this Haussmannian apartment and got charmed and inspired by the style. We invite you to explore our Furniture & Lighting catalog to complete the style of your living space.

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