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Curved Sofa Ideas for a Contemporary Living Room - Hommes Studio

Curved Sofa Ideas for a Contemporary Living Room

The latest trend in design involves blurring borders and giving them a fluid, ambiguous form, thanks to which furniture starts to resemble contemporary artworks and fits perfectly into modern interiors. As a result, one of the most frequently chosen furniture in this trend were glamorous curved sofas.

Since 2019 curved sofas and chairs are among the main trends in interior design. They are both stylish and very comfortable, usually made from luxury fabrics in classy or vibrant colors.


One of the greatest furniture designers – Vladimir Kagan, who introduced curved sofas to the public, said once; “A curved sofa shape makes sense so that you’re not sitting like birds on a wire, lined up. People like to sit out in the open, away from the wall. A curved sofa should float in space, like interior landscaping”. 

curved sofa for luxury living room

Check our unique selection of some of the best-curved sofas for a contemporary living room:

Classy sofa by Vladimir Kagan

Vladimir Kagan designed many of the most durable furniture from the mid-century, such as his classic sofas with serpents and unicorn chairs. And just as his designs never went out of fashion, Kagan himself never stopped working till he died in 2016. All his works look like a piece of art, but are also very practical and comfortable. 

One of his most remarkable designs was a curved sofa, which he introduced almost 7 decades ago. First criticized, then became one of those furniture pieces that everyone wanted to have. 

Souffle Banquette by Kelly Wearstler

This classy piece of furniture with an artisanal rushed leather body and solid cast burnished brass will turn your living room into a modern art gallery. The Souffle Banquette sofa will look perfect with rounded side and dining tables and armchairs. One colour design makes it easy to compose with other, maybe more colourful furniture. 

Giulia Sofa by Hommes Studio

Giulia sofa is a really classy piece that will make a statement in every mid-century living room. It’s ambiguous form mixed with perfectly balanced fabrics selection of different colours of velvet accompanied with polished gold stainless steel legs turn this one into a beautiful piece of art. If you are looking for a perfect, harmonious couch for your living room, that will invite everyone for some rest, this is your choice!

Sengu sofa by Patricia Urquiola

Sengu is a japanese word for an ancient tradition of cyclic reconstruction of the temples in Japan. The Sengu sofa, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina perfectly blends into space, making it a proper place to reconnect with your house and family. 

This big piece can be accompanied by a lot of different colored pillows and furniture. Its soft inclination of the back and armrests make it perfect furniture for relaxing, reading, watching TV or spending quality time with family and friends.

Jelly Pea by India Mahdavi

Beautiful design by India Mahdavi already attracted top designers such as Ralph Pucci and Le Muy, that implemented in into their projects. This velvet sofa with wooden base looks very comfortable. It comes in a variety of colors, from simple yet luxurious beiges to vibrant greens and blues. 

Trampoline sofa by Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola is a very environmentally-oriented designer that tries to use innovative and sustainable materials for her furniture. The trampoline sofa is a two-seater piece that combines lacquered stainless steel frame supporting panels made of 100% recyclable, hand-finished, recycled, glass-reinforced plastic, 100% recycled fibre wadding and resistant, hypoallergic fabric. 

Vonkli sofa by Hommes Studio

Vonkli Sofa is a modern sofa with a chaise longue. This is a modular design piece composed of a three-seater sofa, a chaise longue, a side table, and a book storage back compartment. 

Velvet upholstery gives it a classy and chic look. The other highest-quality materials, which are brass, black lacquer and Labradorite Feldspars Precious Stone turn this furniture into a true piece of art that will make a statement in every interior!

Sofa by Dimore Studio

Founded in 2003 by ​Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci, Dimore Studio is one of the best known Italian interior design firms. They collaborated with several top fashion houses and hoteliers, such as Bottega Veneta, Fendi and Thierry Costes. Britt and Emiliano were also named Designers of the Year of the Scènes d’Intérieur 2014. 

As they say: “Our goal is always to concentrate as much as possible on improving the details because that’s where the difference lies between doing an interesting project or a really amazing, fantastic project”. Their red velvet curved sofa is definitely a unique piece. It will brighten the apartments of even the most demanding clients. 

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