Step Inside this Artful Contemporary House in New York


Discover how this contemporary house combines a minimalist design with colorful furnishings and art.

contemporary house

Located at 432 Park Avenue, New York, this minimalist penthouse, designed by architect Crina Arghirescu Rogard, embraces an artistic, modern design while also exhaling contemporary, minimalist architecture. This design aims to display the client’s rich art collection while maintaining the city’s highlighted landscape.

This contemporary house, being on one of the highest floors of the building, did indeed capture a privileged panorama of New York City. Committed to enhancing this dreamy view, Rogard amplified the classic geometrical square windows by completing the penthouse’s design with the same vibe. She got inspired by these mathematical shapes and spread them across the house; through furnishings, accessories, etc.

However, she had to do this in a way that would still respect the client’s signature taste of art. To be more precise, pop art. Still, she was able to accomplish this. She achieved it by adding bold shapes and colors to the furniture so that it would have stimulatingly curved or straight shapes and the client’s personality exhibited by their collection.

This contemporary house has an ingenious design. It can exhale a minimalist, serene aura while it also evokes color. The architect could accomplish this due to the balance of the color scheme. Even though it has many colors, they are primary and always balanced. For example, let’s look at the living room; the main color is blue. However, although the primary hue of this apartment is neutral colors, the color blue is well distributed in the room, so the space feels connected, organized, and clean.

For instance, if the only blue thing were the couch, which is the furnishing that catches the eye the most, then the space would have felt uneven and unharmonious. Having said that, as the color placement was carefully chosen and used in the right places, this place provides an elegant environment.

This contemporary house, having a minimalist architectural base, is perfect for manifesting the artwork. The fact that the base of the building, such as the walls, floor, and ceiling, is white makes this art-filled penthouse balanced and highly sophisticated. Some details on the furniture, such as the glass table tops, boost even more the glimpses of color, yet, once more, help to balance everything out. It’s possible to see again that some of the shades present in the works of art are also present throughout the room. In this case, it is the elegant dark red.

Even when there isn’t much color going on, the own neutral furniture is the artwork. With their bold and unique shapes, these elements are still capable of exhaling a special aura but in a very calm and subtle way.

Beyond the light colors in every single room of the contemporary house, another crucial factor is the natural light and open space architectural structure. The natural light makes the space look airy; consequently, the ample space available unrolls this feeling throughout the home.

This feature also assists in the steadiness of the contemporary house because even though the artworks are indeed the star of the rooms, they don’t weigh down the design in any way.

Even in the bathroom, this contemporary design is eccentric. With its rare blue glowy bathtub, marble floor and walls, and large window, this bathroom definitely feels like a paradise, evoking a peaceful, rich atmosphere. This room is perfect for private relaxation time.

What a fantastic tour! This contemporary house is for sure the ideal example that a minimalist design doesn’t have to be boring and that an art-filled place doesn’t have to be blinding or chaotic. Now that this penthouse inspires you check out the best furniture for contemporary interiors.

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