Meet the Remarkable Chinese House Project by WenJun Space Design


Discover this Chinese house that merges its national design characteristics with a French style.

As a way to fuse the fact that these people had a long foreign traveling past and the client’s wish to have the entryway as the only Chinese house area that would be a little bolder and actually have a sense of design, the design firm chose to compound a light French vibe with an antique Chinese style. This area was also important because it’s where a first impression happens and was the perfect opportunity to display the owner’s profound importance through ambiance and taste.

As the homeowners preferred simple designs, the designers focused more on the entryway’s color rather than on very complex shapes. For this reason, even though there are beautiful contemporary elements present in the room, what really catches the eye is the bright red color, which calls even more attention due to this area’s color contrast between the whites and light oak, for example.

Still, this section of the Chinese house doesn’t weigh down the design, thanks to the fact that only one shade of red is shown, creating a great sense of harmony and a powerful, elegant environment.

chinese house

The rest of the house is where this union of French and Chinese design characteristics starts to show more. In order to emphasize the lighting effects in the living room, what was originally the balcony was enclosed and transformed into this living area. This way, this feature, the large windows, and the primary color being a sandy shade all together provide the gentle atmosphere that was intended.

However, these elements aren’t the only ones that exhale a calm scenario. The details are also crucial for this Chinese house design, and although they are very subtle, they are almost everywhere. They’re present in the neutral rug, for instance, in the ceiling layout, in the couch, window, and in the natural materials used.

Everything in this design is highly well-thought, allowing even dark wooden furnishings to camouflage in the mainly light view. Another example is natural rough materials, such as beige stones and marble, that match with soft and fluffy elements. In addition to this, there’s still a blend of different textures and shapes.

That is probably one of the design stages that can ruin a project the easiest, so you should be extra careful. Despite this fact, this Chinese house has this characteristic spot on! The wooden pavement, the shape of all the furnishings and endings of windows, ceiling, and walls, the marks on the materials made out of stone, the fabrics used on the couch, armchair, and rug, the chandeliers and accessories, everything seems like it was made especially to be there.

Now moving into the master bedroom, it’s noticeable that the color palette is very similar to the one used around the house. Therefore, every single room, even the most private ones, is somehow linked. Following this brain line, this room uses warm white and cream tones as the main colors.

The decoration is simple, as the main goal in a primary bedroom is to provide a feeling of safety and comfort. Gypsum lines are utilized, as well as on the rest of the Chinese house, oversized windows that allow significant amounts of natural light into the room are used, and finally, all of the Chinese antique furniture is combined with an Italian bed and lighting that furnishes a private, gentle sanctuary.

This Chinese house is the perfect example that two interior design styles with different heritages can actually work in an ideal harmony together and develop a modern, contemporary residence. Now, as this unique house inspires you, check out this contemporary Genius Loci showroom by Studioppepe & Costume Studio.

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