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Casa do Passadiço In Lisbon – Interior Design Boutique - Hommes Studio

Casa do Passadiço In Lisbon – Interior Design Boutique

Casa do Passadiço is a new interior design boutique that is situated on Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, where you can find artistic design and architecture.

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This Lisbon Boutique has the hand of Cláudia, Catarina Soares Pereira, and their family. Cláudia and Catarina are sisters and interior designers working under the family design house. According to Cláudia, “We think the same. We never have to speak, she knows what I am thinking.”, speaking of her sister.

Casa do Passadiço

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Both sisters have grown up surrounded with great taste and eagle eyes for design. The love for interior design and antiques began with their grandfather, then their mother and father, and now them. “We are from a family that loves beautiful things”, says Cláudia.

Casa do Passadiço

Casa do Passadiço Boutique, founded in 1992 by their mother, Catarina Rosas, had their first space in Braga, north of Portugal. Their atelier there lives in an 18th Century Manor House.

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Braga was the place where strong female energy started to show directly into the brand from the onset. Cláudia e Catarina knows that they are quite alike with their mother, because she taught both daughters everything she knew.

Casa do Passadiço

The sisters assume how proud they’re to be Portuguese, and this duo scours flea markets all over the world. By doing that, they bring to fruition their golden treasure trove inside Casa do Passadiço.

Lisbon Boutique

Casa do Passadiço

Avenida da Liberdade is one of the most important and reputable fashion streets in Lisbon. The building where their boutique is situated had the brilliant mind and hands of an Italian architect in the 1900’s. It was the private home of a wealthy musician.

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At this moment, original marble flooring and restored classical plaster frescos have their unique space and appearance. This design boutique combines vintage, contemporary and mid-century style, all in one.

Casa do Passadiço

Both sisters agree that it is very important to make a mix of styles. Here you can find a Vittorio Dassi table in marble, a Vladimir Kagan sofa, and a unique wooden bench from Africa.

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Once you enter this Lisbon boutique, prepare to be speechless, because it will an authentic experience and discovery. Casa do Passadiço form the visual identity inside stores for fashion brand Aquazzura.

Casa do Passadiço

To conclude this article, it is important to say that the family is ready to launch their own furniture. For that to happen they will call their artisans in Braga to produce locally made products.

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