A Blooming Oasis by Courtney McLeod in a Funny 40 Foot Wall Mural


Despite Manhattan being a darker, cosmopolitan city, one family escapes the rule and lives in a Blooming Oasis by Courtney McLeod in a 40 foot wall mural filled with joy and color.

Despite Manhattan being a darker, cosmopolitan city, one family escapes the rule and lives in a Blooming Oasis by Courtney McLeod in a 40 foot wall filled with joy and color.

An apartment in central New York with a special feature, a super long wall connecting the dining and living rooms. McLeod knew immediately what to do with the structure in this Blooming Oasis by Courtney McLeod. Painting was out of the question, something more irreverent was required. A lively botanical wall covering was put in as an option and a whole palette of captivating colors was set on the table.

Featuring peacocks, storks, and monkeys, light hues in the bedrooms, a round pink rug and a yellow tête – à – tête in the living – room, green walls in the master bedroom, metallic wall covering in the hallway separating the children’s rooms, floral prints, velvety colors, this Blooming Oasis by Courtney McLeod is essentially a world of colors, textures and sensations.

With an almost complete floor plan by Jory Schwartz of SH Projects, McLeod added her touch through the fun furniture placed in different locations in the living – room.

Precisely with children in mind, in the dining – room we find invisible protections in a custom acrylic cover for the table and Élitis performance velvet that sparkles and glamorously presents the chairs.

A perfect table for this interior would be the Tower Dining Table by Hommés Studio, a marble piece easily adapted to the required protections and will give a refined care to this space.

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In the bedroom we can observe a headboard adapted to the clients, a fearless, irreverent headboard that does not go unnoticed. Full of colors, it describes the idea for this Blooming Oasis by Courtney McLeod perfectly.

In such an environment it will be relevant to resort to the products of the Ach Collection, funny, different and with a sense of irreverence.

A fun wall covering with a banana pattern livens up a by itself dark hallway between children’s rooms.

Highlighting the idea of fun, irreverence and uniqueness of this house, this hallway conveys the idea for this Blooming Oasis by Courtney McLeod in the most discoverable way possible, with this fun pattern no one will walk down the hallway without finding it entertaining.

An interior painted in apple green gives a more vibrant and irreverent look to the space.

The children’s room is a great example of the animated environment that exists inside this house, painted entirely in apple green, when the door is open we can see the bananas of the wall covering in the hallway and the furniture that is inside the room gives a coherent sense to the rest of the theme in the room.


In the kitchen we can see the blue painted island, Benjamin Moore Blue Danube, which cuts with the light tones and wood.

Never could a kitchen in a house with such a different and fun theme be simple, contrasting with the white walls and the simple wood of the island top, the vibrant blue gives a more fun look, being in accordance with the rest of the house.

In the bathroom we find a fun wall covering full of flamingos, again the presence of animals, giving it a different and unique touch.

With a marble top with simpler furniture, there had to be something captivating about this area. The wall covering full of flamingos gives this space a more funky and different view as the straightness of the house allows to transmit.

This Blooming Oasis by Courtney McLeod, full of fun colors and patterns, is also captivating and interesting for its ability to convey both a sense of calm and excitement.

It will definitely not be boring to live in this Blooming Oasis by Courtney McLeod.


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