A New York City Condo On The 27th Floor Of A Luxury Building


This New York City Condo on the 27th floor of a luxury building, is a journey of optimism and dynamism, perfectly reflecting the register of designer Peter Sandel.

This new York City Condo had a primary need, according to Peter Sandel, the homeowners needed to have the initiative to go ahead with the project, since the structure had the full potential to become a dynamic New York City Condo.

The 27th floor of a luxury condo in Hudson Square, with its distinctive river views and expanding neighborhood, needed to benefit from the contemporary aesthetic of Peter Sandel, who was introduced to the clients, Bridie and Phill, recent college graduates soon to be married, who intended to start their lives in the this New York City Condo.

With an interior under construction, although the exterior of the building was fully completed, Peter Sandel had the opportunity to innovate and make this New York City Condo a mirror of his register.

With virtual meetings, due to the pandemic, Peter and the rest of the team gathered information about the couple as well as they could. Adepts of color and especially orange tones assigning a brightness discretion, they leaned into textures over colors throughout, according to Peter Sandel it would be more reasonable colors in smaller doses and to take advantage of Peter Sandel’s experience in materials to create deepness and contrast. All they had to bring were the clothes and the engagement ring.

There were certain characteristics about the couple that had to be expressed in the interior of the apartment. Bridie, being the youngest of five sisters, had a fun personality so the interior of the bedroom had to be distinctive and different.

The two bedrooms and bathroom, with plastered parts and black framed windows, have a covetable view and allow plenty of natural light to get in.

In interiors with a funny criteria adding pieces from Ach Colection it’s an absolute need.

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Bridie had a preference for soft tones, curved shapes, and minimalist lighting, making it necessary to repurpose the historic and classic design. The living space could also be used as a second bedroom in the house, according to Peter Sandel.

This living – room is a must, what about complementing it with a sophisticated touch, by adding the Moa Armchair by Hommés Studio.

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A long, rectangular space connects the kitchen, dining – room, and living – room, so that there can be privacy and distinction for the couple’s places of repose and work.

For the furniture layout, Peter contacted Michael Lanzillo, an associate designer and draftsman, local artisans and a network of well-known retailers. 

With pieces originating from all over the world, giving the house a distinctive history, the idea of enjoyment, interesting and difference was very clear.

The black and white art piece is Winter Thicket by Robert Kelly.

In December 2020, Peter Sandel and his team entered the building for the first time. As an active construction location, the team’s presence on the building could not be too prolonged, knowing that security was a factor. The arrival of the sellers was scheduled by the team at five – minute intervals so that they could get in and out as soon as they collected the necessary information. 

It was a hectic process to see all the finishes with the relevant architectural and light elements.

With soft tones and the presence of wood, the entryway in this New York City Condo would be completely high – end by adding the Nilo Mirror by Hommés Studio.

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This New York City condo was completed about one year after the beginning of the construction and one month before the couple’s wedding. 

Between the couple, the fondness for timeless design was clear, and optimism throughout the process was constant, which made the project easy for Peter Sandel and the team.


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