Inside a Parisian Apartment with an Eiffel Tower Vista


Parisian Apartment

Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet embark on a new design adventure of a Parisian Apartment. 

The old and overlooked apartment caught the owners’ attention, who saw its location as its true potential. With a splendid view of the Jardin des Tuileries and an even better vista of the Eiffel Tower, the owners were sold and convinced they knew exactly who they needed to call that would be up for this challenge. Having worked with them on a previous interior design project, they knew to trust Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet to design their new apartment and give it the excellence they needed. 

The duo Humbert & Poyet, soon realized that the Parisian apartment required more than just revamping, this apartment had been left on the side for a long time, and everything needed to be revisited. They quite literally had to renovate almost everything, and the floor plans had to be revisited; as in the original plan, the kitchen was located at the end of the apartment, and the owners needed it to be more of a focal point of their home. 

One thing that they tried hard to salvage somehow was the parquet flooring since everything else was almost impossible to restore or salvage. They gave it a new chance to try to shine, and the end result was just extraordinary. It resembled a Versailles parquet thanks to the very detail-oriented duo. 

An important contributor to the design was the owners, who were part of almost every decision on their home. They were closely part of the design. Their exquisite art collection helped Humbert & Poyet with their original plan, designing around these masterpieces, emphasizing the presence of the art pieces just enough to keep the space like home and not a museum.

Therefore, the dining room has a painting by Christopher Wool as its centerpiece, both sides of which are bespoke cabinets, and in the center of the room is a 10 people’s bespoke, inlaid dining table designed by Humbert & Poyet themselves. The atmosphere created is just the perfect space to gather people and enjoy spending time together with family and friends. 

Parisian Apartment Perfect View

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    Fuschia I Side Table

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    Gyvaté Serpentine


This Parisian apartment’s living room is where you get to see the Eiffel Tower, so it’s the space that got extra attention. The De Sede sofa is positioned so it looks over the Eiffel Tower, in front of which there is a bespoke fireplace with a mirror/TV on top of it.  The apartment’s orientation, specifically of the living room, which fac south, incentivized the owners to leave the space open and windows without curtains, soaking in all the beautiful and warm sunlight. 

Humbert & Poyet’s amazing ability of tactual sensation and sensibility to combine materials, colors, textures, and surfaces effortlessly made this apartment modern and warm simultaneously. The kitchen island also became its own masterpiece of the house, as it was completely moved to the center of this Parisian apartment. As soon as you look at the kitchen, you will be greeted by a marvelous custom-made green marble with Dornbracht fixtures and Bassam Fellows walnut chairs.

The color palette of the interior design of this apartment was masterfully managed by the talented duo. They played with the palette provided in this Parisian apartment. The colors utilized in the apartment and all of its shades in between. The browns, the grays, the creams, and the sand shades matched perfectly with all the furniture, the flooring, and every design element utilized in this charming design.


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Source: AD Photography: Stephan Julliard

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