Discover a Glamorous Royal Residence in Doha


Royal Residence

This royal residence was designed by LA designer Timothy Corrigan. The elegant palatial home is located in Doha’s West Bay Lagoon and belongs to a prominent member of the Qatari royal family, His Excellency Sheikh Mohamed bin Fahed Al-Thani.


The Sheikh’s vision was to have a design inspired by the “classic 1920’s Palm Beach houses,” sophisticated but timeless. The design was in excellent and familiar hands of Timothy Corrigan, who had previously worked with the family on other projects and done an amazing job.

Corrigan began the design very early on, since the house was being constructed, and his ideas about the interior design of the palatial home were developed from scratch to achieve the desired look. Taking inspiration from the Floridian architects like Addison Mizner and Maurice Fatio, brought the Mediterranean-inspired, brightly decorated details to every part of the interior design. 

Helping to materialize the concept was Corrigan’s love for Palm Beach houses of the 1920s and 1930s. The relaxed sophistication, glamour, and beautifully matching colors made this project in Doha resemble a place that brings delightful, glamorous people and feels to mind. The concept had a gorgeous palette that embraces the golden beiges, beautiful rich blues, and soft shell pinks. In a way, these colors brought the sea and beach feel inside this royal residence.


The elements added to bring out the true idea for the house were a few, such as the painted murals, gold leaf, handmade wallpapers, and much more. The combinations of various textures and colors create a balanced harmony you never seem to get enough of. Many of the furniture pieces were custom made, and the mix of antique and modern pieces surely emphasized on functionality in the most luxurious way.

The designer went for marine varnish, even in the finest of antique pieces, to allow everyday usage of the materials and pieces rather than preserve them as pieces that appeared to be in a museum and unable to live in. And that was a standard adaption for the interior design throughout the whole house. It had to be livable and functional while also being majestical and unique in its design.

Many of the relaxing furniture pieces, such as the sofas and other lounging pieces in this royal residence, have a purposefully ample appearance to give a sense of ease without letting go of the splendid Corrigan’s theme of his projects. The kitchen has a beautiful design, with a blue stone island worktop by Stone Italiana, and the walls are adorned with decorative tiles from Country Floors. It is truly a bespoke design that brings the beach theme inside the house.

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Every room of this magnificent royal residence is extraordinary in its design, furniture pieces, and all its details. The vibrant patterned fabrics, the bright colorful art pieces, and all the unique statement chandelier pieces radiate extraordinary style. Carrigan finalized the design into something truly grand that also transmits a vibrant and relaxed feeling.


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Source: AD Photography: Mark Luscombe-Whyte

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