A 1927 Boutique Hotel Full Of Spanish Influence In Miami


In a saturated atmosphere, reminiscent of the Mediterranean, this renovated Boutique Hotel in Miami features Jessica Schuster Design in its interior.

With decadent furnishings in a saturated atmosphere reminiscent of the Mediterranean, this renovated Boutique Hotel in Miami features New York based Jessica Schuster Design in its interior design.

Built in 1927 to serve as a cultural center for artists, the Esme Hotel, formerly known as the Spanish Village, is located on Española Way in Miami Beach. 

With the collaboration of planning and design firm Infinity Hospitality Group, Jessica Schuster Design has transformed the 145 room Boutique Hotel.

With similarities to Mediterranean villages in Spain and France, the architecture of Español Way contains a vast architectural history that served as a starting point for Schuster, that made the interior of this boutique hotel reveal in the clearest and most noticeable possible way the Spanish influences of the whole building.

Jessica Schuster says they wanted to create an artistic collage of bohemian grandeur as the building was located on Español Way in Miami, highlighting all the characteristics that stand out and highlight the culture they are working on, foreseeing certain aspects that help maintain this whole component that Schuster has made a point of preserving and using for the whole personification of the Boutique Hotel.

The combination of furniture, lighting and fabrics in this Boutique Hotel creates something timeless and exciting at the same time. 

With an act with velvet floors and fabric covered seats that recall ceramic tiles alluding to southern European countries. 

One often finds the presence of plants, which could not be missing in the interior of this Boutique Hotel.


They wanted it to be an embodiment of the Mediterranean culture of South Beach, Miami.

Using vibrant colors, fun textures, and details that stayed loyal to the hotel’s history, they achieved their ultimate goal. 

El Salón, a cocktail bar within the Esme Hotel, allows visitors to drink and sample Latin-inspired dishes. 

The Hommés Studio Cinco Bar Chair Gold would be a great choice to compliment an interior like this one, irreverent, different and luxurious, would give the high – end needed to a space full of sophistication and classic elements but still differentiating.

With candlelit tables, the space features a checkered floor and a quieter atmosphere.

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In collaboration with the Miami Historic Preservation Board, Schuster replicated some of the elements of the original building, preserving the original identity of this boutique hotel, saluting the historical criteria inherent to it.

With materials such as limestone travertine and plaster, that give the space a cared for, luxurious, and differentiated look.

Being a historic property, they worked to bring back the original designs in an integral way, with most of the buildings being from the Art Deco period, inside this Boutique Hotel we can observe influences from the same time.

Cypress Wood is found in the ceilings and throughout the hotel. They also brought back to life an original fireplace in the hotel, also keeping the original arches, reinforcing the preservation criterion that was valued throughout the transformation of the space.

Art Deco can be found in the hotel’s rooms and bathrooms.  

In an esmerald pink color scheme, the rooms have gold accents and vibrant clashing patterns that create decorations for the floors and walls. 

A vintage bar and a pool with red awnings can be found on the roof, with pinstripe seating. In this outdoor area would be a good idea to add some products from the Mediterranean Resort Outdoor Collection by Hommés Studio.

The Goodtime Hotel by American designer, Ken Fulk, also references art deco architecture. Fulk also decorated the interior of the Swan restaurant in Miami, with soft and sweet colors that hark back to 1920s Miami.


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