5 ways to have a romantic home by Hommés Studio


The most romantic day of the year has arrived. And if it’s said that everyone needs a little bit of love… what about your home? Either if it is your personal sanctuary or your nest of love, you should turn your house into a romantic home for Valentine’s Day.

How? Find out Hommés Studio ideas to make your home more romantic.

1. First impressions matter

romantic home

To have a romantic home you must know that first impressions matter. Turn your attention into your entryway. So, as soon as you – or your guests – come home you’ll feel the love.

Create an eye-catching décor with a magnetic color. A beautiful and versatile hue that can be bold and audacious. Match it with cool and playful accessories to accentuate your lively and fresh personality.

rosalia sideboard
martinez mirror
samira chair
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2. The beginning of a magical night

romantic home

If you are lucky to have an outdoor area, optimize it and create a magical romantic space. Turn your end of the day into a seductive beginning of the night. After all, it can be the most beautiful moment of the day.

Full of calmness, comfort and perfection. With the perfect company, the ideal furniture and an ethereal color palette can turn your outdoors into a luxury spot where romance is in the air.

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3. Conquer them at the dining table

romantic home
romantic home

A beautiful dining table is a must have for any romantic home. “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”, so match that feeling to your eating area. You’ll just need a passionate and opulent dining room. A scenario with warm colors, exceptional table decoration and delicate furniture. A room that will take you to another world of contemplation and desire.

Davis Dining Chair by Hommés Studio
crina rug
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4. All leads to the master suite

classic romance

Not every romantic room needs to be colored in red or pink. What about a green palette? It is a serene and warm hue that when matched with blush details and refined materials can turn your bedroom into a suite ready for romance.

Choosing a statement piece and having multiple usable areas can transform your bedroom into a little wonderland. More than love, ready for harmony and peace.

max armchair
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5. A little bit of selflove

everest mirror

When talking about your home, it’s necessary to surround yourself with the things that you love. Express your own style with statement furniture and eclectic products. Maximalism design is making a comeback, so why not mix colors, prints and patterns? Choose the right accessories and home décor to personalize your house. After all is where you can feel the love.

everest mirror
panorama rug
arcana bench
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Hommés Studio selected the ideal looks to turn any house into a romantic home.


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