10 Living Room Ideas to Make a Statement in your Home


Hommés Studio made a selection of 10 Living Room Ideas that make a statement in any home. Living spaces that combine luxury, sophistication and cosiness.

In HOMMÉS we believe that a house must express the owner’s soul, as clothes express the personality of the person who dresses them. We have focused ourselves on the deep study of different interior design trends throughout the 20th and the 21st century. Paying special attention to how they can fit contemporary spaces.

Parisian Style Living Room

living room ideas

On this San Francisco Living room, there is custom-made seats and Martin Szekely’s steel cocktail table. Taher Chemirik’s stone-top tables, multimedia and drawing by Dieter Roth. The ceiling and windows are in a Parisian style. The living room has high ceilings and the windows follow its height.


A bold relaxing area is a place of joy and happiness where the family gathers, and remarkable memories are collected. This minimalist living room, where black is the predominant color, is different and out of the box. This modern space conveys personality with few pieces and furniture due to the unexpected decoration and bold elements.

Open floor living room

living room ideas

This open floor living room, large and spacious, turns out to be quite imposing. The high ceilings, the long wall mirrors and the outstanding decor certainly impress every guest. Furthermore, this bright space looks comfortable and luxurious. The art pieces are the best part and make definitely a statement. 

Grey Living Room

living room ideas

The all grey living room above has as the centrepiece a sterling-silver Takashi Murakami sculpture. An outside Paris house designed by the architect Charles Zana with upholstered vintage sofas and paintings by Glenn Ligon. The firewood, the place to store it and the fireplace give a special touch to the decoration.


Inspired by Picasso’s painting, dream, this intimate living room reflects the personality and dreamers’ soul. Dreamers’ Rendezvous set is an invitation to be part of a creative and dreamy scenario. The beautiful background creates a melancholy and cinematic expression with bold colors, and a unique design display portrays a contemporary living area.

Bold Decor Living Area

living room ideas

 At Khloé Kardashian’s California Home the family room is designed in a Bold Style. The rug, by Anthony Monaco, defines the interior style likewise the ceiling’s Schumacher wallpaper.

Country Style Living Room

living room ideas

The designer Shawn Henderson and the architect Scott Lindenau designed this Colorado home. This country style living room is very luminous due to its extensive windows. The mountain landspace does it all, there’s no need to luxurious furniture pieces and neither art ones. That’s why the professionals chose vintage furniture, a simple decor and neutral pallets


Green Living Room

Royal Green Living Room is a remarkable design set, luxurious and mysterious, unexpected, but confident. The unique Zadine Mirror is the centerpiece in this luxury interior. The wall mirror is placed alongside the mid-century modern Koro armchairs and elegant Luminous Suspension Lamp.

Beach Interior Design

living room ideas

Above, a beach house retreat of designer Tom Scheerer. Decorated in a way that even if we didn’t see the sea in the background, we would realise it is a beach house.

Art Gallery Living Room

living room ideas

A living room that seems more like an art gallery than a house. It is designed to feel like the guest just entered an art exposition. Not an extravagant room like some of the ones on this list, but simple and clean. All the pace, the white walls, the neutral colors and the art pieces give a sense of peace.

We really hope you liked our 10 Living Room Ideas. Feel free to pin all the images to your favourite Pinterest board. Meanwhile, you can also visit our Pinterest boards to get more inspirations.

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