2022 Trends For A Unique Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling


Discover which are the 2022 trends for kitchen and bathroom remodeling to nail it this year in interior decoration according to what was seen in KBIS

Two weeks ago, in Florida – Orlando, was realized an important interior decoration event that promised to bring new and unique ideas for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, the kitchen and bath industry show – or simply called by KBIS. After a break due Covid19 pandemic situation, the event return with 375 vendors showcasing their latest and greatest wares in which nearly half were completely new to the show representing overall participation up to 9% from 2020. Among all of the stands new ideas came up to inspire us with new trends for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in this year of 2022.

This Is All You Need To Know

  • Go Outside Of The Conventional
    In this initiative, what can be taken from the multiple stands is go outside of the expectable and do something different, for instance, they have shown how a home bar setup (with dishwasher and wine refrigeration) could be seamlessly included on a living room. Part of this happen due the “whole-home” philosophy where brands are adapting the detail and style of their pieces where they can go outside of the box and bring kitchen vibes to the living room, for instance, turn a quartz surface towards an elegant gaming table at Cambria; A warm and Mediterranean shade of heat-resistant Dekton could be turned into a surround for fireplace at Cosentino among other groups, like House of Rohl, which expand their catalog into luxury hardware based on the coordination between casework, furniture, and bath or kitchen fittings need which this immerging trend and with it, the creativity is the limit.

Home bar setup in a living room
  • Embrace A.I
    While some features we took it for being exclusively in a specific area of the house are getting some space all over the house, some are even taking it to other level integrating A.I bringing their A game to improve our lives which, if you’re thinking about finally put in practice your kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas, this might be something you should look for. For instance, GE Profile, presented some washers with an innovative technology that automatically adjust the amount of soap, water, and washing time according to the stain presented on the fabric using a “stain guide”, an extra feature in their Front Load 950 series. Other example was LG following the same line, introduced A.I- powered laundry units with their WashTower that automatically transfer what it learns about its contents over to the dryer for a frictionless cycle.
 Photo: Courtesy Sherwin-Williams

  • Cult Of Home-wellness

More and more, people want a place that passes a sense of calm and really feels like home, and for that they are looking for spaces with the purpose of mindfulness at home and with a need, a solution has to come up and as so, this reveals to be a trend for this year of 2022 frequently spotted on kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas.

When we think about cultivating inner peace normally what comes to our mind is a spa-like experience although, this sense of serenity can be brought to interior decoration using some natural elements. In fact, the positive impact of nature on well-being has led some manufacturers to how they can bring the outdoor vibes inside. Some examples presented on KBIS are Caesarstone with a new style called Pebbles, which basically consist of a warm, monochromatic range that evokes small stones and dappled sunlight but also, House of Rohl, evoking nature in their Reflet Bath collection, using dual finishes and rippled texture that can be easily associated with the sparkling movement of water.

Bring the peace home

The trend is above and beyond the appliances and hardware but can be extended into paint brands that are embracing this need of wellness into their art. For example, Sherwin-Williams, which just released a new Living Well collection which is constituted by 11 soft color palettes pieces and comes with some special features to boot.

  • The Future Is Steaming
    More than ever before, customers – including chefs – seems to be interesting in steam cooking. More than that, we can see evidence of steam cooking and the bigger role it has been playing in some appliances that can be seen at KBIS. Along with the A.I rising in our daily life from the laundry units as previously stated we can see other example of how this steam features are taking over the industries in multiple levels such as steam cleaning and the closet, presented by LG, that uses heat, moisture, and fragrance to freshen clothes without compromising the wash and even in a phase of development, in LG case and in action, in Fotile case, regarding the use of steam on the dishwasher as well which, once again, show that the future of kitchen and bathroom remodeling besides other factors stand in steaming.

2022 Trends For Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling
Photo: Courtesy Café Appliances

2022 trends for kitchen and bathroom remodeling
Photo: Courtesy Samsung
  • A Splash Of Color
    The image of a green kitchen has been frequent lately but more than ever before, a splash of color on the interior decoration have been a touch of daring which was not different on KBIS. Was possible to see it for instance, with the designer TK Wismer showcasing the “Bold Ambition” kitchen, pairing dark appliances with brilliant emerald tones range and a lime-striped floor among other examples of how green is in vogue nowadays highlighted by the company’s 2022 color of the year which was precisely “Green with Envy”, a rich, hunter-green tone. If you don’t like green don’t feel desperate because this is not the only star of the year. Alex Proba’s groovy, multihued collab with Samsung show that the only limit to a unique, expressive kitchen is our own creativity so why shouldn’t we explore that?

After all this content, where is your head at? Would you use some of this 2022 trends for kitchen and bathroom remodeling on your next project?

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