Tribeca’s Chic Brutalist Triplex – An Inspiring Interior Odyssey


Step inside Tribeca’s Chic Brutalist-Style Triplex and embark on an inspiring interior odyssey. Explore the design, aesthetics, and creative ideas that make this Manhattan gem a true source of inspiration for your own home.

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan’s upscale Tribeca triplex neighborhood lies a hidden gem—a chic Brutalist-style triplex that’s not just a dwelling but an artistic masterpiece. As we open the doors to this unique abode, you’re invited to embark on an inspiring interior odyssey that will ignite your creativity and fuel your passion for design.

The journey through Tribeca’s Chic Brutalist-Style Triplex is like entering a world of architectural wonders. The interior design is an artful blend of bold concrete and sleek, modern lines. Every corner of this unique space tells a story of creativity, luxury, and functionality.

Triplex family/living room

The living room is a breathtaking introduction to the triplex. It features floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light, creating a bright and inviting ambiance. The dominant design element here is the exposed concrete walls, a hallmark of Brutalist architecture. Instead of feeling cold or harsh, the designer’s strategic use of textures, neutral colors, and lighting creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. 

The design approach here is a striking balance between modern minimalism and the industrial charm of Brutalist architecture. The furniture is contemporary and minimalistic, with clean lines and low profiles to maintain the open feel of the room. The plush neutral sofas and bold armchairs offer a cozy contrast to the industrial elements, and create a sense of comfort when you enter the room.

The Kitchen area is seamlessly integrated with the living room, maintaining the neutral color scheme and minimalist aesthetic. This area is a culinary haven that complements the overall design aesthetic of the Triplex while maintaining its own functional appeal. You can see that the modern, integrated appliances maintain a seamless and clutter-free appearance and the minimalist, handleless cabinetry keeps the kitchen looking clean and uncluttered.

The large kitchen island serves as a centerpiece, offering additional workspace and casual dining area. The stylish wood bar stools provide seating at the island and create a social space within the kitchen.

The Triplex features multiple bedrooms, each with its unique design characteristics. While maintaining the overall neutral color palette, the bedrooms introduce individual touches and accents. The bedrooms prioritize comfort and relaxation while remaining true to the chic Brutalist style.

The master bedroom maintains a calming neutral color scheme, with soft grays, beiges, and whites. Subtle accents, such as a hint of soft pastel or a touch of metallic, add depth and elegance to the room. The Floor-to-ceiling windows in the master bedroom allow residents to wake up to the breathtaking city views, connecting them with the exterior world.

To create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, different textures are introduced, such as a plush area rug, white throw pillows, and drapery that adds softness to the room.

The spacious, king-sized bed with a brown wood, upholstered headboard becomes the focal point of the room, promising comfort and luxury.

The children’s bedroom in the Triplex is a playful and imaginative space designed with the younger residents in mind. Unlike the more subdued color schemes in the other bedrooms, the children’s room is adorned with bright and cheerful colors, creating an energetic and whimsical atmosphere. The wall decals, murals, or framed artwork with playful themes add visual interest and stimulate creativity.

The bathrooms in this Triplex are designed to offer a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. They are more than just functional spaces; they are luxurious oases for relaxation and rejuvenation.The design of the bathrooms follows the overarching theme of elegant minimalism seen throughout the triplex. This means clean lines, a neutral color palette, and a focus on simplicity and sophistication.

The focal point of the masters bathroom is the marble theme of the division, featuring the walls and even the sink. Also the under-mount sinks not only save counter space but also contribute to the streamlined appearance of the bathrooms.

Master bathroom

The outdoor area of Tribeca’s Chic Brutalist-Style Triplex serves as an extension of the interior living spaces, offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and a connection to nature. Here’s a closer look at the design and features of this outdoor space. Despite being located in the heart of Manhattan, the outdoor area is designed to create a serene urban oasis. The design includes a careful selection of plants, trees, and greenery that add a natural touch to the space. Lush landscaping elements, such as carefully curated plants and shrubs, create a sense of privacy and tranquility. The landscaping design is harmonious with the surroundings and adds aesthetic appeal.

Also the outdoor area of this magnificent triplex features comfortable and stylish outdoor seating areas that were strategically placed to maximize the use of space. These areas may plush neutral sofas, inviting residents and guests to relax and socialize in the open air.

The inclusion of water features, such as the small pond, adds a soothing ambiance and helps mask urban noise with the gentle sounds of flowing water.

Outdoor seating area
small pound

As we conclude our inspiring interior odyssey through Tribeca’s Chic Brutalist-Style Triplex, we hope you’re now brimming with ideas for your own home. The harmony of design and functionality, the masterful use of materials, and the aesthetic appeal of this unique space are a testament to the endless possibilities that await when you embark on your own design journey.

Let this Manhattan gem be your muse. Whether you’re planning a renovation or just seeking inspiration, this interior odyssey is a reminder that great design is not limited to fashion runways and art galleries—it’s a part of our everyday lives. So, what creative ideas will you steal from this Triplex to turn your own projects into an inspiring masterpiece? The journey begins here, with Hommés Studio as your guide. For more inspiration explore our modern collection in our website.

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