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Summer Interior Design Ideas To Boost Your Mood - Hommes Studio

Summer Interior Design Ideas To Boost Your Mood

Home. Arriving home. Do you still remember what it feels like to take off your shoes after a long day? Or the first second of silence after the noisy traffic jam? And how good it felt to get home from a party you never wanted to go to?

With every section of our lives taking place indoors, home as we knew it has changed. But every room we are in addresses our psychological behavior. The agents that interact with our subconscious are no strangers to interior design. Just to name a few, lighting, color, texture, materials, scale, and proportion.

Every home shall be a safe haven. The one place in the world that belongs exclusively to you. Where you find yourself apart from everything. As if getting home and turning on the lights shuts down the world behind the door. Therefore, every home must play a leading role in improving our mood and evoking positive emotions.

Because interior design is not about designing spaces but inducing feelings, we’ve created a series of moodboards to inspire you on your next interior design project. Meet Be Bold and Enjoy The Silence.

Summer Interior Design Ideas

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Summer Interior Design Ideas - Be Bold Moddboard

Be Bold. And be fierce. How many times have we listened to this? But how can we start to act freely and in power? Well, at home is always a good start. We strip down our many social masks, we are ourselves at our worst and best.

Make your home a safe space. Create a earth tones environment to keep you comfortable. However, go for textures so they can stimulate the room. And… spice it up.

Add some warm colors, such as red or orange. As matter of fact, some burst of orange in your interior design project will make wonders to the room.

FTextures and fire tones will lead you to make a change. Don’t make yourself wainting.


Martinez trendy wall mirror for a modern living statement room

Martinez Mirror is a Modern Memphis design piece that exhales luxury. The geometrical shapes share neutral colors with fire tones. It is a great decor piece to include in an entryway and to keep in your mind as one of the best 2021 summer interior design ideas.


Lunarys Stool is visually defiant. The many materials and shapes make it a bold design furniture piece. It make any room as wild as it can get.


Arcadia Center Table is a demanding furniture piece. But what does it demands? A big living room and an empathic interior. The four-layer living room has a challenging aesthetic.


modern folding screen for luxury living room project

A room divider is as decorative as practical. Earthy tones are one of the summer interior design trends. Manu and its curvy shape will trigger the change and elevate any room. In a contemporary interior design project, Manu will be the showstopper.


Summer Interior Design Ideas - Be Bold

What’s the color of the silence? When you close your eyes what color do you see? When you’re peaceful in your living room what color do you see? What is the color of your meditation session or your yoga class?

To Pantone, Silence is a very light brown. So light it is almost grey. In fact, the color of silence can be described as a pale taupe.

The benefits of earthy tones are many. In particular, the subtle hue of silence will keep you calm, grounded, and focused. Additionally, this specific combination of brown and grey symbolizes practicality, intelligence, and maturity.

Surround yourself with Silence-colored decor elements. It will help you to find reasoning and to grow. Turn your home into a temple.


interior design

Los Gordos is a versatile furniture piece. The natural tones center table will keep you company both on the indoor and outdoor. Where do you find yourself most at peace?


Monk Folding Screen Hommes Studio

Monk will create an intimate area, like a meditation corner. A room divider not only is highly functional but also stylish.



Cher Suspension Lamp is an hypnotic lighting fixture. Its design creates a visual vibrancy, therefore it is perfect to enhance a neutral color room.


avocado shape floor lamp

Avocado Floor Lamp is a statement design piece. The natural materials associated with its peculiar shape make Avocado a luxury lighting fixture. The referral to the green and exotic fruit makes it a fresh summer interior design ideas. Totally worthy of a peaceful interior design project.


modern rounded sofa for contemporary living rooms

Inspired by cactuses, Ajui Sofa breathes tenacity. Place the curvy sofa in Silence shade in a desert-inspired living room for a complete feeling of quietness.



A Memphis Design style pouf. Jelly fits in an outdoor design project as well as in an interior design project. Its sleek shape and neutral color make it a must-have in a contemporary room.

Don’t miss a single moodboard from our series. Get to know Illuminating and Escape to The Desert here.

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