Stunning Italian Summer House Project – Casa Maiora by Studio Trotter


Discover this earth-toned summer house in Puglia, made from local sandstone covered with shades of pink, where the old is in perfect harmony with the new, minimalist design.

summer house

Nestled on a hill in the small Italian town of Carovigno, Puglia, this four-bedroom seaside summer house, designed by Studio Andrew Trotter, embodies the Pugliese landscape and tradition. As this designer bases his work on simplicity, and a genuine belief that every design project must belong in the place they’re located, this minimal yet rustic style, mimics the landscape encircled around the house, with walls built from local sandstone, Tufo, that was covered in a pink lime wash. 

summer house with neutral tones

As it was the client’s wish to connect the habitation to the surrounding nature, all of this summer house was inspired by the forms and colors of the coastline nearby villas, which have as classic traits big colonnades and lime-wash walls with sandy tones. This is why the building is coated, externally and internally, with a natural powdery pink lime wash, which makes the residence match the rest of the traditional houses’ techniques while harmonizing the panorama.

summer house living room with neutral tones

Inside the summer house, every area has furniture specially made for the residence or locally collected antiques. Beyond that, the landscape is enhanced, once more, through the large windows and high ceilings present in every room, which allow the entrance of natural light and the enjoyment of the view from indoors. The earthy colors and materials are another element that invites the exterior’s warmth to the inside, giving the impression that everything is directly attached.

summer house  living area with neutral tones

According to Trotter, as he and his team had already opted for a darker color than the plain white they usually used in Puglia’s houses, it would feel odd to go with the regular stone flooring as well. So, to balance everything out, the designer chose to use a natural sandstone with a subtle green and yellow shade that connected every color in the room.

The fact that the entire house flows in the same hue brings a deep sense of tranquility and conformity. However, that is not the only factor that influences these feelings. Other details, such as the living room and kitchen niches, exhale a rustic, serene aura. The built-in sofa is also a component that completes the living room design in perfection, and even though this space doesn’t have a lot of furnishings, the ceramics and lamps sourced close by fill the room.

summer house  kitchen with neutral tones

This summer house has an elegant but natural look, so high-quality materials had to be used. An example of that happens in the kitchen, where, for example, a large island with a bespoke terrazzo countertop made by a local designer lays. Some built-in shelves elevate this room’s functionality and make it appear cleaner, providing a soft and sophisticated environment.

Now moving into the bedrooms, it’s noticeable that these spaces are probably the simplest summer house zones, and that was exactly what Trotter intended to achieve. The design team desired to transform these rooms into a refuge from all the heat and provide as much calm as possible to those using them. 

Even the bathrooms were put a lot of attention into when it comes to using natural and rich materials. All the existing wet areas of the summer house are covered in cocciopesto, a type of ancient Roman concrete.

Regarding the outdoor living space, as the Casa Maiora was conceived for outdoor summer living, the house features a large veranda accompanied by a thick cane ceiling perfect for protecting yourself from the sun in the hottest months. These spaces were made to evoke a relaxing and amusing feeling, so it has a lot of refined entertainment areas.

summer house outdoor kitchen with neutral tones

Apart from the extensive and diverse outside area, the space also has an outdoor kitchen. Therefore, it’s conclusive that these spaces cover all the functions that exist inside the house, even bathing, which is just perfect for a summer house.


Now that this summer house vibe inspires you dive more into this season’s interior design style and learn how to design a modern project from the interiors to the outdoors with this ultimate summer home guide.

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