Discover this mid-century modern home- the proof of how monochrome can be exciting


This mid-century black-and-white house we present you today is located in Bel Air and was decorated by David Brian Sanders

A premium location with a touch of period charm is normally a dream combination during the house search. Although, is not always that this goal can be achieved, at least is not that easy and the risk of taking older properties can come up with unexpected complications and unseen at the first sight renovations needs and some changes in the overall plan.

When the record company executive Rick Krim and his wife Elaine found a tired 50s’ home in Bel Air, in California they felt the huge potential of this house but, for sure, needed a lot of changes to become their dream house, which asked for the interior designer David Brian Sander’s and his team intervention to give a new life to this place with a contemporary flair and some elegant and different touches on the decor.

12 months later they had already radically changed the house and were relieved for embracing the ideas the designer presented and going through the monochrome interior design space that at first can seem boring but end up being an amazing and a total match to the new owners’ expectations.

This 1952 home can be inserted on the mid-century modern style field regarding the design choices with multiple outstanding architectural features, such as the original A-Frame roof design over the front door, but a series of additions over the years were considered less desirable in this new owners’ perspective which implied some extra work to eliminate this parts and turn this house their home and a total paradise of the earth for them.

Initially, the plan was to do a light renovation and the extremely needed changes but still keep some of the original integrity. However, as the demolition work began, “layers and layers” of materials were brought to light, layers that had been added to the site over several decades. For instance, the three previous owners had tried to renovate this place in a piecemeal fashion with varying degrees of success. When seeing this place who could imagine what it turned out to be: a complete mid-century modern monochrome interior decorated home.

The construction team, A-Z Builds, faced multiple issues and challenges almost daily to bring this vision out of paper and turn it into reality. The home’s unexpected issues and secrets meant that it has to be peeled most of the skin almost entirely back to the bones which incentivize the team to go all in and do it fully.

Teamed up with the architecture firm Fisher Fairmount Design, Sanders and his team worked to preserve most of the historical details as possible during the renovation but upgraded it for the current century.

New smart touches such as custom windows and cedar cladding on the facade, while the interiors are a lesson in how the monochrome can still be exciting and current.

mid-century modern home- the proof of how monochrome can be exciting
photography Joe Schmelzer and @Treasurbite

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rick’s favorite space is the media theatre as it can be either his refuge or place of work. Although, for him, it is not exactly work if he likes what he is doing which is and probably is why he likes the place so much.

mid-century modern home- the proof of how monochrome can be exciting
photography Joe Schmelzer and @Treasurbite

Again, this David Brian Sanders project shows that monochrome interior design is not entirely boring and can still be exciting, current, and unique.


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Source: Architectural Digest

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