Peek Inside a Stylish Haussmannian Home in Paris

In the hands of two professional enthusiasts of interior design and true art and design lovers, this Haussmannian home transformed beautifully with the furniture selected.

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The two Canadians that took charge of their own home design, John Gerhardt, global creative director at Moët Hennessy, and his husband, Boris Masip, a fintech entrepreneur, fell in love with the apartment’s original structure as soon as they entered, even though the apartment was not located in what they first thought would be the neighborhood they planned to settle in, in Paris

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Haussmannian Home Allure

The magical Haussmannian home called their attention and lured them immediately in. Now, after two years, the couple couldn’t be happier with their choice. The apartment is beautiful, has amazing views and incredible natural lighting throughout the day, especially in the afternoon, and after furnishing the way they like, it looks exactly how they imagined it would be, modern and filled with pieces that combine and match and are chosen by them. 

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Strategically following a designer’s quote, they both believe in “buy what you love, and you will always find a place to fit it in” the couple has explored their own style. The chosen pieces reflect their identity and what they like to represent through their apartment. 

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When designing their Haussmannian home, they wanted to emphasize the details of the space by adding furniture they loved and that also matched with the rest of the house. Although each has its own favorite spot in the house, the living room is the most welcoming area of the apartment. They are both great hosts and love to be in company and entertain their most loved ones. They aim to make their guests feel included and part of their home. And it needs to be as friendly and reflective of their personalities as possible. 

Haussmannian Home

The Bernhardt sofa purchased at Kiosk in Toronto is the centerpiece of the living room, positioned in front of the fireplace. It is the piece that puts together all the other furniture, the handpicked pieces from different countries the couple lived in or visited. ​​The pillows are from a Belgian shop called the Corner Studio. The antique gilt mirror is from the Paris Flea Market, while the geometric rug by the Rug Company puts together the look of the living room.


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Gerhardt loves the dining room area. For him, that’s the space he most loves, where after they cook and eat while they entertain their guests, everyone can be careless and just enjoy the conversations and great company. On the other hand, Masip loves the den. For him, that space represents an apartment area where he can freely work, read and simultaneously enjoy the delightful views of the mesmerizing city.

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The kitchen, on the other hand, although commonly a small space in the average Parisian apartment, is a comfortable size in the Haussmannian home of the couple, offering not only a functional space but also giving them the option to improve and decorate it the way they like.

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You almost can’t guess that Gerhardt and Masip worked on the interior design without a designer for their Haussmannian home, handpicking furniture and creating a marvelous harmony in their home. Their style, described by friends as eclectic, is an interesting compliment for the couple. Overall this apartment is modern looking, comfortable, and most importantly, fitting to the owners’ needs and likes.


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Source: AD Photography: Nicolas Mathéus

July 27, 2022
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