Celebrity Home Tour: The Charming Amanda Seyfried’s Farmhouse


The Mamma Mia! and Mean Girls icon, Amanda Seyfried, brought the atmosphere of her rural roots to the metropolis, creating a luxurious farmhouse.


Despite being a singer, model, and successful actress who participated in diverse famous and iconic movies, such as the comedy Mean Girls and the musicals Mamma Mia! and Les Misérables, Amanda Seyfried also has a deep interest in her pied-à-terre farmhouse-inspired design.

To achieve the best look possible, and due to the trust she had in the founder, Sarah Zames, and her partner, Colin Stief, the actress recruited General Assembly to upgrade her house. Even though Seyfried believed that this design firm was the best to be in charge of her home, the designers were a bit hemmed in by the instructions that restricted the type of work they could do in the house.

Even so, Amanda’s requests were achieved. General Assembly accomplished this through custom-made built-ins that provided a good and functional space to Seyfried and her family. As they wanted to preserve the original house structure, they achieved this by, for example, installing woody shutters instead of curtains to highlight the rounded windows, and, additionally, this detail still created more country energy.

As the cinema star intended to display and feel her roots in this design, we can find many traces of a more natural and rustic side in this farmhouse. For instance, light wood and shades exhale a natural but clean and modern atmosphere. On the other hand, the contrast between the light oak and the black details in the furniture emits more traditional rustic energy. To exhibit that fresh aura, the kitchen was set directly underneath the skylight. As a way to create an entryway, Zames attached a wood wall incorporated with a shelf and a mirror right next to the kitchen.

The dining room, with its textured wooden furniture and vivid accessories, is the most traditionally rustic area in the apartment. Full of details, this room is undoubtedly captivating. From the ceramic vase imitating a wicker basket to the flowers, the books and their colors, the fruit container, the chairs, and the objects on the shelves, everything remits, in the perfect amount, to a lovely farmhouse and a country vibe.

Using a lot of accessories in a minimalist background, such as this one, can easily transform a great place into a confusing and heavy space. However, all of the objects added to this space are carefully placed and smartly connected, providing a vivid energy instead of a befogging one. For instance, even though the books on the shelves are colorful, they all vary within a specific color palette. The colors move between tones of orange and some reds, yellow, bluish shades, and neutral hues, mainly white and black.

The white shades go along with the clear and beige of the walls, counter, vase, the white details on the chairs, and the lamp. On the other hand, the black information matches the shelves on the cupboard, the chairs, the stools, and even the fruit bowl. The shades of the wood also fit, and the actual proof that each detail of this farmhouse was really well-thought is the small decorations on the bookshelf beyond the books. All the colors suit each other. For example, the pink and white painting perfectly matches the flowers and the orange structure with the orange and reddish books.

To make Amanda feel like she was indeed home and provide a relaxing feeling, the designers connected the main bedroom and all the other places in the farmhouse. To realize this, Zames placed, all over the apartment, large plank flooring, shutters made of oak, and a similar color palette. Although, this is the only area in the house with patterned wallpaper. This detail makes the room appear more personal and welcoming, yet, as it has a neutral color, it still flows in harmony with the rest of the house and with its own bedroom design.

Although this farmhouse has mainly a countryside atmosphere, this design, which was developed to embrace the old house characteristics, can still emit an extremely relaxing feeling and a modern and functional layout.

Now that this remarkable celebrity farmhouse inspired you, keep your inspiration journey by checking out How to Decorate an Entryway like a Celebrity to give your project a wow first impression.

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