Inside Hugo Toro’s Magnificent Parisian Apartment


Exploring the Parisian apartment designed by the interior designer Hugo Toro with an exquisite sense of elegance that seems both unique and classic.

Hugo Toro is an architect and interior decorator, which doesn’t shy away from dramatic gestures and vivid contrasts in materials, colors, and forms, his interiors never feel out of proportion or loud despite his skillful blending of époques and styles with uniqueness and flare.

Thanks to Hugo Toro’s “diverse, endless, and eclectic” style, which he credits to both his innate creativity, imagination, and narrative abilities as well as to his Franco-Mexican heritage and his studies in France, Australia, Austria, and the United States.

hugo toro inside the parisian apartment

Through a prism of eccentric exuberance, Toro’s intervention reimagines the traditional refinement of the Haussmannian flat.

The one-bedroom apartment Toro was hired to renovate had many strengths, to begin with, but lacked character. It had all the characteristics of Haussmannian buildings, including high ceilings, tall windows, intricate moldings, herringbone parquet flooring, and brightly colored stained-glass windows.

Hugo Toro largely maintained the plan, in this Parisian apartment, with the exception of removing the mezzanine level in the bedroom and the majority of the double doors in the public areas to increase the feeling of openness and spaciousness.

Although Hugo Toro didn’t hold back on the color in his Parisian apartment, he employed strong ornamental elements that gave the rooms a bit of drama, along with an eclectic furniture collection of modern and vintage items, many of which he had personally designed and some of which were found at flea markets in Paris.

A sculptural travertine platform in the main living room of this Parisian apartment has four long marble panels that reach the ceiling. The panels, which are mounted onto rotating patinated brass frames, are Toro’s inventive take on a folding screen. Together with the silver-green rug and bespoke banquette-style sofa, they subtly define the seating area. The earthy, understated color scheme of earth tones and natural wood finishes serves as a foundation for the presence of the brass and marble panels in yellow tones.

This Parisian apartment dining room’s enormous travertine fireplace is a tribute to Carlo Scarpa’s art, which repeats and accentuates the geometric patterns of the beautiful wood paneling and parquet flooring. The supple velvet sofa by Pierre Augustin Rose, the dark-stained hardwood table by Garnier & Linker, the tan saddle leather cantilever dining chairs by Willy Rizzo, as well as the minimalist pendant lamp, introduce sinuous and rounded forms in contrast.

The entry hall and drawing room, in this Parisian apartment, respectively, each have a distinct personality thanks to their dark green and dark blue painted walls. In the former, a massive travertine washbasin that is purposefully left exposed beneath one of the stained-glass windows in the back of the apartment pays homage to the designer’s grandmother’s home and gives the space a poetic feel thanks to its altar-like look.

Hugo Toro made a strong statement with his choice of marble in the bathroom above, which is connected to the bedroom. The floor is red Languedoc marble, the walls are white Carrara marble, and the sink is green Alpine marble. Hugo Toro’s stylish bathroom in this Parisian apartment features magnificent and elegant marble as well as glass, which gives the space a singular aspect.

The bedroom of this Parisian Apartment designed by Hugo Toro is notable for its tactile wall covering made of banana leaves, the padded forms of the unique leather bed, and the teal-colored rug that mimics the colors of the lovely stained-glass window. Despite the various different decorative components in each room, the apartment finally succeeds in expressing both cohesiveness and balance, which is a credit to Toro’s remarkable eye for detail and composition.

Hugo Toro combined red lacquer leather-textured cabinets with geometric white marble kitchen worktops, walls, and flooring in this Parisian apartment. Beyond the materials employed, this fascinating kitchen stands out for the location of its oven, which is set inside a marble wall.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions to elevate your future projects giving you the inspiration to create your masterpiece! If you need further inspiration in interior design, please feel free to visit our Inspiration Journal

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Photography Stephan Julliard

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