Mediterranean Interior Design: How To Create The Style Inspired by the Coastal Life


Mediterranean interior design is inspired by warm and vibrant countries surrounded by the sea. Learn how to incorporate this colorful style into your home decor!

Follow the return of the style based by the beaches and landscapes of southern Europe, which has gained popularity over the years due to its comfortable, relaxed, and elegant vibe.

Have you ever admired the charming and cozy interiors of homes in the Mediterranean region? From Greece to Italy to Spain, these homes exude warmth, natural elements, and an effortless blend of indoor and outdoor living. This design style, aptly called Mediterranean Interior Design, has become a popular trend in recent years – and for a good reason!

Think of cozy, rustic spaces with pops of bright colors, eclectic tiles, and textures that come together to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. In today’s post, learn more about this decoration style and fall in love with the warmth of the breeze on sunny days!

What is Mediterranean Interior Design?

The Mediterranean style is characterized by the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and terracotta, which provide a rustic and earthy feel to the space. The colors used in this style are typically warm and rich, such as deep reds, yellows, and blues. Textured walls, exposed beams, and arched doorways are also common elements that add to the charm of this design.

In the US, this style became popular in the 1920s due to economic prosperity, and many seaside resorts were designed to replicate the architecture of Europe’s southern coast.

While Mediterranean-style architecture is well-suited for warm, sunny climates, it can be adapted to any location with a connection to the land and sea and a climate conducive to indoor-outdoor living.

Characteristics of Mediterranean Interior Design:

In addition to the items already mentioned such as the color palette in warm tones, appreciation for large windows with natural light, and the more airy eclectic lifestyle, Mediterranean interior design has the following characteristics:

  • ARCHES: Arches are a common architectural feature in Mediterranean-style homes, both inside and outside.
  • COURTYARDS: Mediterranean homes often feature courtyards or outdoor living spaces, which are typically paved with natural stone or tile.
  • WROUGHT IRON: Wrought iron is a popular material for gates, railings, and light fixtures in Mediterranean-style homes.
  • TILE WORK: Intricately patterned tile work is a hallmark of Mediterranean architecture, often seen in kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, and floors.
  • WOODEN SHUTTERS: Exterior wooden shutters are a common feature in Mediterranean-style homes, providing both privacy and shade.
  • FOUNTAINS OR POOLS: Fountains and pools are often incorporated into Mediterranean-style outdoor spaces, adding a calming and refreshing element.

How To Create the Mediterranean Aesthetic:

So, whether you live in California or any other part of the world, you can incorporate Mediterranean Interior Design into your home with ease. Embrace natural materials and colors, blend your indoor and outdoor spaces, and add pops of bright hues to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that exudes warmth and comfort.

If you are looking to incorporate Mediterranean interior design into your home, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • USE A MEDITERRANEAN COLOR PALLETE: To create a Mediterranean-inspired interior, start with a color palette that includes earthy tones like beige, terracotta, olive green, and blue. These colors are commonly found in the Mediterranean landscape and will help to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • INCORPORATE NATURAL MATERIALS: As seen, the decoration inspired by this style embraces natural materials like stone, wood, and clay. Consider adding these materials to your home in the form of furniture, flooring, or accessories. Marble or stone tables, and other furniture made from natural materials, are excellent examples of how to create a Mediterranean aesthetic simply and luxuriously.
  • CHOOSE VERSATILE FURNITURE: Mediterranean-style furniture tends to be rustic and timeless, with a focus on simplicity and functionality. To create a Mediterranean interior design look for pieces that are made for both indoor and outdoor use and have a high-end quality, such as a travertine center table or an upholstered armchair with a special texture.
  • ADD PATTERNED TEXTILES: Mediterranean design often incorporates patterned textiles like geometric prints or floral motifs. You can add these textiles to your home in the form of curtains, throw pillows, or area rugs. Consider using textiles in warm tones like red or orange to add a pop of color to your space.
  • ACCESSORIZE WITH MEDITERRANEAN-INSPIRED DECOR: To complete your Mediterranean-inspired interior, add some accessories that evoke the feeling of the Mediterranean. Look for items like decorative tiles, ceramic vases, candles and woven baskets. You can also add greenery to your space with potted plants or a vase of fresh flowers.

Mediterranean interior design is a warm and inviting style that incorporates natural materials, warm colors, and textured elements to create a comfortable and relaxing space. By following these tips, you can incorporate this style into your home and create a gorgeous, inviting space with all the charm and beauty that warmer days provide.

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