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Chango&Co’s Modern House Design easily combines minimalist elements with modern aesthetics to create the perfect environment for a family home.

Modern House Design

Modern House Design in Hamptons is a true peaceful paradise combining minimalism’s elegance with stunning modern style. Chango&Co designed this heaven for a family seeking a contemporary style for their living space. Chango&Co’s modern house design focuses on minimalism and modern concept, offering functional areas for parents and children. The house is in a beautiful natural environment in the Hamptons.

The Modern House Design

The design of this modern house is truly remarkable. It features a stunning contrast between the all-white color scheme and the pastel hues contrasting the areas for parents and children. This contrast adds vibrancy and elegance to the house’s overall ambiance.

The indoor areas are thoughtfully crafted to incorporate the greenery from the surrounding environment, offering inhabitants stunning views of the wood’s natural magnificence. The living room boasts dramatic architecture, featuring a sculptural fireplace as its centerpiece. Adding to the beauty of this modern house design are the exquisite custom sofa and chairs, which provide aesthetic appeal and functional seating.

The modern house design in Hamptons boasts a stunning sitting room that complements the living room. The furniture in this place includes two elegant beige chairs and a stylish puddle table, exemplifying modernist design. Also, this sitting room has a perfect lower ceiling and a serene atmosphere. This living space is an excellent example of creating a tranquil and sophisticated area within the home, providing an ideal place for relaxation and contemplation.

sitting room with beige chairs and a puddle table

The dining room of this modern house design exudes a charming appeal with its clever use of a barn wood dining table and six vintage chairs. The room is located close to the unique white kitchen island, contributing to the space’s overall aesthetic and modern style. Chango&Co has successfully created a modern and minimalist house that maintains a relaxed and informal atmosphere, as seen in the dining room and the kitchen.

The family who owns this modern house is expecting a baby, so Chango&Co designed a beautiful pink crib to complement the nursery room. The crib seamlessly complements the room, enhanced by stunning artwork that adds to the overall appeal. This room effortlessly transitions into the playroom, which features the modular Lunar table system as its centerpiece.

The playroom’s vibrant color shades and hues create a playful and lively living space for children to enjoy, encouraging creativity and imagination. This thoughtful design ensures a harmonious and inviting environment for the entire family to cherish.

The central concept combines modernism and minimalism, reflecting the modern design of the house. The primary bedroom features materials, elements, and an elegant style. The primary bedrooms were designed with comfort and tranquility in mind, reflected in the Chango&Co. color scheme.

The bed is upholstered in a soft Snow bouclé beige fabric, while the rest of the room is primarily white. A bench at the foot of the bed matches the nightstands, which hold beautiful Lampape lamps designed by Ingo Maurer.

Primary Bedroom White and Beige

The outdoors of this incredible home is equally stunning, with an enormous patio that provides an idyllic setting for outdoor dining and relaxation. The outdoor living offers ample space for a dining area and lounge chairs. Adjacent to the patio is a stunning pool, inviting residents to cool off and enjoy the serenity of their surroundings.

The large glass doors and windows blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior, allowing natural light to flood the living spaces and offering uninterrupted views of the outdoor oasis.

The Modern-Minimalist Interior Design

Interior design that is modern and minimalist remains a popular trend, with design studios aiming to create impressive projects that showcase the homeowner’s style. The Modern House Design, created by Chango&Co, is an excellent example of this style. It provides a peaceful and unique living space featuring sculptural furniture, accessories, and incredible views of the natural surroundings.

We hope this modern house design has inspired you as much as it has inspired us to incorporate modern-minimalist concepts into our living spaces and projects. We kindly invite you to take a look and download our HOMMÉS Studio Catalog to discover more about modern-minimalist furniture and lighting for your living space or interior design projects.

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Source: Yin Jispace

Photos: Sarah Elliott

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