A22 Boutique In Riga, a Combination Between Art Nouveau and Contemporary Aesthetics


A22 Boutique in Riga by CBP Design, has artistic ties to art nouveau and an elegant and luxurious aesthetic, featuring a remarkable and welcoming ambiance.

A connection between the past and the present, immersed in a 20th century building transformed into a contemporary construction, the A22 Boutique in Riga by CBP Design, has artistic ties to art nouveau and an elegant and luxurious aesthetic, featuring a remarkable and welcoming ambiance. 

The A22 Boutique in Riga have a capacity for 20 rooms and suites, a gym equipped with event spaces and spa and a 40-seat restaurant and cocktail bar, John and Jackie respectively, in honor of John F. Kennedy who stood in the luxury hotel in Riga in 1939.

Located next to Viestura Park, the hospitality project combines the art nouveau architecture typical of the city center with tree-filled boulevards and parks. 

Also overlooking the iconic Washington Square, the designers of the boutique contrasted the surrounding nature with a building painted in black with brass window frames. Despite the modern architecture, the new color palette is in line with the old building.

In an entrance like this in A22 Boutique in Riga it would be perfect to add the Nora Chair that complements spaces that have a similar color palette to this one.

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With a symbiosis between modern and classical elements, the interior of the hotel relies on the use of old structures combined with modern references, with the presence of wooden wall panels and curved furniture.

Golden details are found everywhere, the hotel inherent theme emphasizes with an elegant and exclusive touch.

The Ach Collection decor products are full of golden details, perfect for decorations like this in A22 Boutique in Riga.

The A22 Boutique in Riga combines dark and soft colors and sumptuous textures.

We can verify the presence of materials such as marble, brass and wood, giving a sophisticated and relaxed sense at the same time, referring to the building that served as the US embassy in Latvia in the 1930s, now the A22 Boutique in Riga.

We can observe this principle in the boutique restaurant, where we notice the presence of marble and wood, dark and light tones.


In 1939 the A22 Boutique in Riga welcomed John F. Kennedy for a few days during a European tour. 

The three-room accommodation in which he was staying at the hotel in Riga was purpose-built prior to his arrival to ensure a comfortable visit. Located under the mansard roof of the original building, the renovated space currently serves as the presidential suite.

White walls and ceilings, parquet flooring and dark wood furniture, combined gray marble surfaces and soft plush fabrics in rich mahogany colors contrast a colder ambience with a warm feel in this A22 Boutique in Riga.

To complement the curtains in pink hues typical from the A22 Boutique in Riga the Samira Chair would be a great option.

Extremely versatile and tasteful the Luminous Pendant Lamp would enhance this elegant and sophisticated room.

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The 111 square meter presidential suite at the hotel in Riga features a large living and dining – room, two bedrooms and a bathroom and a relaxing view of the park. The perfect example of the A22 Boutique in Riga style, retro modern and chic. 

With dark furniture and the inclusion of marble, in this bedroom in the A22 Boutique in Riga we observe the walls painted in a darker color with gray curtains, giving the space a colder but at the same time comfortable and sophisticated look.

Hommés studio has a wide variety of marble products, with tables that would be a great addition to a room like this one.

As an example we have the Niagara Large Side Table which fits perfectly into a room of exquisite luxury, just like the ones in A22 Boutique in Riga.

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 If we look closely at the details at the spaces in this boutique, we can see the constant presence of marble pieces, either white or dark, giving the space a cared for, elegant, and luxurious environment.

The bathroom in white marble and golden details, unveils a sophisticated and exclusive feel, the main aspect of this A22 Boutique in Riga.

Since JFK’s stay in 1939 the luxury on the A22 Boutique in Riga could be increased.

With the presence of such an emblematic figure, the hotel revealed a concern to coincide its image with such a unique guest, emphasizing the luxurious, expensive and distinctive character of the boutique.

The master bedroom in the A22 Boutique in Riga matches the pink velvet curtains with some green tones.

Through the years there has been some considerable technological upgrades, especially with the entertainment system that each room is equipped with.

To add more enchantment nothing better than the Leafus Sconce, it matches the present colors and with gold details it enhances an already elegant room in this A22 Boutique in Riga.

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