A Flat Full Of Color, In a 20th Century Building, In CDMX


A flat Full Of Color in Mexico City, by wrinkleMX, distinguishes itself by its irreverence and differentiation, understanding that architecture can be art.

This Full Of Color flat of Astrid and Eddy Sykes, founders of the wrinkleMX studio, is hidden behind the historic frontage of an early 20th century building. Reminiscent of the Mexican capital, where it is based, it reveals both spectacle and madness. 

Created for a young family, this space is a showcase of material and sculptural exploration. It distinguishes itself by its irreverence and difference.  

With everything thought to detail, even the plate drainer took three months to be completely finished, the designers had special attention to the relationship of people with the space and with the objects. 

They care about the small and big details, like the door handle, the contact points, taking advantage of the ergonomics and datil experience to create something spectacular.

In this space would fit perfectly the Vonkli Sofa by Hommés Studio.

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The Sykes accepted the challenge with delight, and developed the project with a combination of decorative art and architecture.

The tiling that runs throughout the open plan living and dining areas, on walls wrapped in optical wallpaper with a subtly undulating three-dimensional effect activated by LED lights. 

The ceiling light above the dining table has a remarkable presence in the space, contrasting with the luxurious greenery of the interior gardens and terrace.


To complemet the irreverance of this bedroom at this flat Full Of Color, it would be a great idea to add some pieces of the Ach Collection pieces, fun, defferent and impossible to pass by without giving a second look.

With an unconventional style, Eddy who was trained as an architect, went into engineering and worked in a company developing high-tech systems for aerospace and military applications as well as custom projects for various designers. 

Astrid holds a Masters in Architecture from Paris before moving to U.C Berkeley for a Masters in Landscape Architecture.

The duo, after moving from Los Angeles to Mexico City, launched wrinkleMX with an architecture based on hybrid, design, landscape and custom fabrication practices. 

The firm’s big opportunity lies in the project to reimagine a flat Full of Color in Mexico City for a couple with two young children. 

After a briefing with the couple, it was realized that the big picture of the idea for this flat Full Of Color was reminiscent of the Sala Peacock, the movement room aesthetic by Thomas Jekyll and James McNeill Whistler, D.C.

The master bathroom is a small space, but one where the most significant moments can be found.

The super – narrow shower cubicle, is an object that works as a statement. Everything thought through to the smallest detail, as the designers were extremely careful with the particularities. 

The wallpaper, present both in the bathroom of this flat Full Of Color and in the bedrooms, traditionally contrasts with the couple’s avant-garde style.

The main kitchen in this flat Full Of Color is located upstairs and is based on four design elements – the Tikal green marble island from Guatemala, an elongated architectural sink of thick travertine, a ceiling of folded brass planes cascading into a wall of faceted brass doors, a floor of painted cement tiles and marble dust, designed in collaboration with Pablo Kobayashi and handmade on site. We see bent brass planes and a marble island.

A flat Full Of Color that doesn’t limit itself to the pieces, using them to beautify the space, but that focuses on making the space itself nice just for its surroundings. 

Art collectors, the couple to whom the house belongs have come to see architecture as something unique and collectible. Understanding in this way that architecture can be art.


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